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  • Im just wondering if there will ever be a external graphics card or anything like that. Also have any of you guys run Linux on a MAC? Cause im thinking of running Yellow Dog on my Mac mini and have a dual boot with OSX and Yellow Dog
  • yeah I know, I just called apple and they said no. But its all good I wanna get a G5 and thats what I will be getting soon. I wonder if some first person shooters like Doom 3 or any games like that will run on a Mac Mini, LOL
  • Quote: Originally posted by AquaMac What is the video ram in it? I'm very interested. -Cheers It has only about 32mb which is really low, so really no high end games will run at all...Also im just trying to figure out if I will be able to u…
  • okay i figure that, oh well I have my eye on a G5 and boy i cant wait to have that one...Also do you know if I will be able to upload music and videos from my Mac mini to my Sony PSP? or will I have to use a Windows Machine?
  • I have a Mac mini and same specs, its a cool machine, I love it alot, Im eyeing myself in a G5 Tower and boy I cant wait for that...
  • cool thanks for that tip, I just started on a Mac and Love it, dont think I will be switching anymore, I wonder how my job is going to be now? Im a PC Specialist at Circuit City...LOL
  • I want one too, on ebay I could get one for 1,000 with a extra wireless controller and a game of my choice, so im debating cause 1,000 is alot...and also im thinking cause its the 399.99 bundle pack, with already the harddrive and the wireless contr…