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  • i tried that but "noooooo im not an applecare memeber" and i really dont feel like paying like 150 for it lol. id have to go to the applestore which i might sometime but idk how i would explain how i installed a bootleg version of tiger lol
  • yeah it could just be that its a restore disc and only upgrades. that would make sense because i repartitioned it. im not gonna bother messing with this anymore. im just gonna install the downloaded copy and hope that doesnt mess anything up...thank…
  • i purchased the mini through apple. its version 10.4.2 i was trying to install a clean install after i repartitioned it its a DVD
  • this is a refurbished mac mini. me and my friend were thinking the same thing (that they sent us the wrong discs.) im looking at the discs now but dont see "CPU Drop In." I see a "this software is part of a hardware bundle purchase - not to be sold …
  • i dont remember the exact name of the error but i dont have to worry about it anymore. i just borrowed os x from my friend who just downloaded it. the one i had was for the even came with the computer so i dont know why it didnt work. its …
  • i just tried it. i reformated it afterwards and everything. still no luck but thanks
  • i wanted to upgrade to OSX server. my friend gave it to me to install, its most likely not legit. i had all these strange errors so I thought I would just reinstall but i put the disc in and then all of a sudden i wasnt able to log in anymore and it…
  • i have never used the disc befor. its a PPC mini. this is the disc that came with it too
  • thanks. ill have to try that if that happens to my new mouse. i dont feel like sending them a working mouse back haha.
  • yeah i figured that out in itunes but the problem is if my comps turned off and my mom logs in then it wont work. idk i really gotta find a permanant solution
  • all i wanna no is if anyones had good experience with it...thats all...
  • geez thats so helpful! thanks! NOT
  • okay you do a search for shiira and see how much information you find then tell me