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  • I'd like Apple to release a retail, boxed non-locked down version of OS X.
  • The Gnome desktop environment also uses the circle with dots animation.
  • Quote: Originally posted by costique WTF? How much did you pay for updating 10.4 to 10.4.5? If you mean Apple charges for updating 10.3 to 10.4, have you noticed that updating Win2K to WinXP is not free? Stop this nonsense, please. If you were…
  • Windows may be expensive, but you only have to pay once for the life of the OS, and Windows XP is going on 4 years. They don't charge for service packs. Apple on the other hand has charged full price for every Mac OS X update. And frankly I think it…
  • Buying a PowerPC Mac now would be like buying a 68k Quadra back in 1994, a bad idea. My advice is to wait for the Intel Mac Pros; I'd say they'll be here by June or August.
  • First hit on Google. Matroska
  • I have an iMac DV 400MHz G3 that used to do this. With 10.3, even with all the energy saver settings off, it would still try to power down the hard drive over and over again. When I installed a larger hard drive and installed 10.4 it stopped, but I …
  • I agree totally. They will probably go in steps. First license some other manufacturers like Gateway or HP to build up more hardware support and 3rd party drivers. Then they will eventually sell a boxed release. Someday you will be able to go to Bes…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ciparis I don't know what the first part means (sorry ). I haven't found a key combo, though the basic ones (single-user, option for boot volume select, reset pram) all still work, though the boot selection looks diffe…
  • Here are some questions I am curious about: What's in the /usr/standalone/i386 folder? Does it use a zero boot method or does it boot from a file as with PowerPC and open firmware? Is there a snag key combo to go into EFI like apple-option-o-f …
  • If you asked me, I'd suggest you just wait and save a little while longer. In a couple of months you might be able to buy a true HD TV for only a little more than the enhanced SD TVs you're contemplating.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Gene Clean I'm not sure about the details, but the movie has some of the lamest acting I've seen as of late. Come on! There is so much crap out there that has much worse acting. I thought Noah Wyle did a great job …
  • Use HFV Explorer. It is free, and can open HFS floppies fine. It does not work for HFS+ though.
  • You cannot use a PC video card in a Mac. If the LCD has a DVI interface you need to get a Mac compatible video card with DVI, like the Radeon 7000 or possibly the 9000. If the LCD has a VGA connector, you need to get a Mac to VGA adapter.
  • CD-RWs don't suck; I use them all the time with no problems. However, you need to use them where appropriate. If you have critical data to back up, use a CD-R or DVD-R and verify the disc when done. CD-RWs and DVD-RWs are conceptually the same techn…
  • Depending on how old it is, your Discman may not be able to read RWs. Usually they hype that up and it would be marked on the lid or something. Also, are you writing the files as MP3s or CD audio? Again, only newer units can play MP3s.
  • Perhaps not the standard Intel stickers, but I'm sure Intel will want Apple to advertise which CPUs are inside the box.
  • Quote: Originally posted by midgcool I used the vista beta today, and frankly i wont be upgrading, couldnt get my network card working, and to me all it is, is a repackaged windows xp, internet explorer 7 is nothing new to me - being a firefox us…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kickaha Macs may end up being the first commercial EFI machines that run Windows. No, Gateway beat them to it nearly 2 years ago with the Gateway 610 Media Center desktop. Cnet linky
  • As long as the Mac OS is tied to Apple hardware, Apple's marketshare will never increase more than a few points.
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