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  • Wow, that's a pedigree! That (plus some money) will also qualify you for Apple Consultant's Network if you want to strike out on your own.
  • My guess is that they blacklisted the .mac domain as a spam source. I had this issue with another domain they blacklisted (which was as equally evil as .mac) - everything I sent to hotmail went into a big hole never to be seen again. I gave up and…
  • Dang. I wanted to see the message, too. Must be the rabid iMacies plugging up the works.
  • Apple does a divine job at refurb. I several years on these boards I don't recall ever seeing a bad comment on refurbs. Aftermarket ram sweetens the savings!
  • Are you using Mail or Thunderbird or ??? In either case, make sure your client is set to view html. There are arguments against viewing mail as html, but if you really gotta have those smilies, most come to you as html/attachments.
  • I tend to use your thinking - go with your gut and if it doesn't do the job, upgrade later. Buying advice (from lots of experience - hubby would say too much ): 1. get a refurb (save $400!) 2. take advantage of all the goodies apple offers r…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by [email protected] Question to refurb. 24" iMac buyers - how is the screen quality? There were often gradient issues w/ new machines, but are the refurbs. coming out with this issue corrected? Do the refurb.s have th…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by FuturePastNow You can hook it up to just about any monitor, that's what the DVI port is for. Monitors should come with cables. Depending on the monitor, you may also need another adapter to go from your MBP to the …
  • iPhones are pretty hot, so it may be optimistic to think they'll be included (but, hey a guy can dream! )
  • I would recommend making sure your RAM comes with a guarantee of compatibility. The following vendors seem to be geared toward the mac user on this front, as well as offering excellent service (as reported by members across several Mac fora) and pr…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by gdmoffitt sorry, I'll go whip my fact-checkers. The referenced site posted that just the other day, guess they were aiming for getting some extra hits. We all know if it's on the internet it's true right? Actua…
  • I've used a couple of NAS devices (ximetas) on my wireless network. Their software is set up so that only one computer can access the HD at a time, which was a bit of a drag until we figured out how to work around it (mount and share the drive from…
  • And make sure you didn't pull free the cable that connects the trackpad to the trackpad/button assembly. This is an "if all else fails", because you'll have to do some partial disassembly of the computer.
  • I don't mind other users emailing me at all. I *do* mind bots tolling. Thanks for the tip! Toss the original post, then.
  • Quote: Originally posted by id-sign I'm starting on an upgrade path from a Mini to a MBP and need to find the best way to sell the Mini. The recent Ebay auctions seem to be getting quite decent amounts for Mini 1.4s. Any experience / suggestio…
  • Quote: Originally posted by david101 if a company chastised me for daring to expect customer service i'd think twice about giving them my custom, regardless of who they were. Yeah, I'd think you could find SOMEBODY to sell you macs sans hassl…
  • Quote: Originally posted by tdnc101 Because apparently I work part-time as a village idiot, yelling about needing help without thinking of the obvious solution. Thanks. That's the best "d'oh" I've read in a long time!
  • Had the same problem myself! # With the Mac OS X 10.4.6 system software update, PowerPC-based Macs will restart twice, instead of once, after the initial installation. # You may experience unexpected results if you have third-party system soft…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Chucker Theoretical bandwidth != effective throughput. On the other posts: The maxtor one touch I got el cheapo with a rebate was pretty crummy. I have an iomega 250 triple interface and it's been a doll!
  • In 2006, using the wiki numbers you quoted, USB is still 80% of the speed of firewire. In my humble, it's a tangible diff backing up big HDs.