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  • Quote: Originally Posted by AlmightyMac I'm not very well versed in the whole 32/64 bit thing. What does all this mean for someone who has an intel iMac? It's 32-bit right? AlmightyMac: You can happily ignore it. You Mac along with all the othe…
  • I think I found an expanlation for at least one of the icons (click for full size):
  • There is no official 3rd party app support but you can install Linux on your iPod and do it that way.
  • The older Macs had serial ports that use a connector similar in shape to a PS/2 port. To hook up a modem to one of these Macs, which I assume is what you're trying to do since you're looking for a phone port you need an external modem and a suitable…
  • Services are easily forgotten. If you make a point of trying to member what's up there they are very useful. For example select a URL in any Cocoa and select Carbon app and there is an Open URL service. Select a file in the Finder, there is a servic…
  • 1. Clock for clock a G4 outperforms a Pentium. Problem is these days the G4 is stuck around 1.5Ghz whereas the P4 is up over 3.2Ghz. So a P4 is likely to give better performance. A G5 can be considered comparable the AMD64. The benchmarks vary thoug…
  • Ahh yes I remember those two. I used both back in the day. They were good for their time. FWIW the 200 was actually just a rebadged Fuji camera.
  • 1. Yes Mail lets you choose the account to use when delivering any email you compose. 2. No Mail stores all mail (in UNIX mbox format) in ~/Library/Mail. 3. Yes technically you can have you home directory on anything. Although it will require …
  • ls lists the contents of a directory. This may also be of assistance: http://homepage.mac.com/rgriff/files/TerminalBasics.pdf
  • In order to do this Hotmail would have to allow POP or IMAP access which I don't believe they do, so unfortunately this is not possible. An alternative, albeit an expensive one is Entourage. Another alternative would be to use GMail, since Google pr…
  • I would start by complaining to Belkin or whoever you bought the mouse from. If that fails then look at modding the OS. If you choose to take that path I suspect the easiest way would be to replace the particular bezel images you don't want to see w…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Nebagakid well, that is the first frame of the feed, .. Yes it is but it is not what was showing in the player when I took the screen shot.
  • I'm surprised that it doesn't support this, particularly since if I recall correctly the MacWorld demo included an example that flowed text around a round object (an apple). Perhaps you have to create the images as PNGs or TIFFs with an alpha channe…
  • Nope, there's still no AU store.
  • Yeah the whole alignment of the toolbar buttons with the 'main window' looks stupid when the mailbox drawer is incorporated into the same window.
    in New Mail Comment by wjmoore January 2005
  • There's bigger pics and a movie up here: http://www.apple.com/macosx/tiger/mail.html. Also worth noting is the blue end caps on the menu bar have been removed.
    in New Mail Comment by wjmoore January 2005
  • Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head in your edit. Interestingly this is the first time I've had any trouble watching a keynote. I think I've watched 3 or 4 now and they all played flawlessly except this one. Although many other people have com…
  • Yes I think you're right there. It's strange that there has been no mention at all about what the press event today was about.
  • AAC (MPEG4 Audio) is an open standard that anyone can support. SE are quite good at supporting open standards. That's why their phones work so well with Mac OS X. They use SyncML for synchronisation. The standard vCard and iCalendar (not to be confu…
  • I think you will find it means that it now recognises the m4a extension used by iTunes. As currently it does not. I highly doubt that it will play iTMS tracks. It looks like a good update though. I might look into getting the USB dock for my phone i…