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  • Hop on the Whoo coaster!
    in Woo!!! Comment by neyoung March 2007
  • uTorrent is awesome. I have yet to find a torrent client for OS X that is as cool as it. If Transmission added selective file downloading then I'd be happy
  • woah, I never noticed that the normal icon changes when the program is open. Thats pretty slick!
  • If you end up replacing your MM with a Bluetooth mouse I'd recomend the RadTech BT600. I've been using it for a while and it's really slick. 5 buttons, a scroll wheel, optical, and best of all rechargeable via USB!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by paprochy I think in the grand scheme of things, that was a load of bull. Maybe some games happen to run better but the lack of DirectX support in OS means that most games don't run as well as in Windows. That's what bo…
  • I love the Web Developer extension for firefox. It has so many features. The best part is being able to use it to debug CSS stuff. Another neat firefox plugin is FireBug, but I prefer Web Developer.
  • The way I see it, almost all consumer electronics now days will have problems. Its a fact of life. I've known people that have gone through multiple mp3 players, printers, cameras, etc. I don't think that Apple is any better or worse than any oth…
  • You'll definitly want to use BootCamp for gaming. Parallels doesn't have hardware acceleration which will really hinder your performance in games. BootCamp however has full support for hardware acceleration and will run things great on a MBP.
  • I've also heard that there is a 10% restocking fee. But some people have been able to get it waved in certain situations.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by opnsource That is INSANELY GREAT advice! lol, I guess thats kinda what I was getting at with this Quote: Originally Posted by neyoung If thats the case, you could posibbly upgrade two times throughout your col…
  • Not a keystroke, but I use
  • The mini might be upgraded along with otherhardware during the Feb 20th special event. I was previously a windows/linux user myself. I made the switch and won't be looking back.
  • I don't know what your friend is talking about, but subaru's can most definitly be driven offroad. Not only that, but there are tons of aftermarket products for them. Not only is he wrong about Macs, but he's wrong about the subaru's. Check out…
  • I used linux for 4 years in college and am now on a MacBook Pro. I love it. At times linux can be a real pain. I love how I have the power of the linux comand line built into an os thats easy to use and looks nice. I'm sure you'll find that the …
  • I think you would be quite happy with the base model MBP. If you want to do some gaming the macbook might be a little weak, but definitly an improvement from what you currently have. I don't know what year of undergrad you are in, but if you jus…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by DCQ Shadris. Ugh. Tell me about it. I've played every night this week. It's like crack. On the original issue with Teamspeex and/or Ventrilo... do you have to pay to set up a server? There are only 2-3 of my frie…
  • When you create videos you edit them to what looks best. You want your final product to look the SAME as it does on your editing machine. If its not the same, the colors will be off, your blacks wont be black, and you'll be saying, "trust me, it l…
  • Basicly you have 2 choices. Buy now, then when leopard comes out you'll have to shell out $69-$129 to buy the upgrade from tiger to leopard. Wait and get leopard free with your computer If you need the computer now its best to buy now. L…
  • What type of systems are people using? All Mac? Some Mac and Some PC? If you are using a mix of Mac and PC's then I'd consider giving teamspeak a shot. If not either will probbaly be fine. The guild I'm in used to use teamspeak and everyone (…