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  • Also, thanks for the clarification Jambo.
  • Quote: Originally posted by crazychester You know you want to. I do believe this is one of those situations where one can say "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man." choice quote chester ... nice work.
  • Quote: Originally posted by kscherer Are the Australian authorities that bad?! Good grief. What's next. I bet they let you get porn, just not visit sites where people speak freely! Oops - I haven't changed my user profile - but I now live…
  • hey quag congratulations on the 500!
  • I was beginning to think that my incessant visits to the forum had alerted the authorities over here and it was promptly added to the list of "banned" sites. Thankfully, abb and ut pointed me this way. Staph - not working this morning?
  • This guy had talent - he told it like it was and he had a wicked sense of humor. It is terrible news ... and he will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
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  • Quote: Originally posted by murbot Shit, I shouldn't have leaked that info.
  • ^ gotta admire the kid's earnest persistence!
  • Quote: Originally posted by talksense101 More power to pirated audio CDs... No.
  • Thanks for the link MacWrite - I loved hearing Ives talk about how the design team watned to design something that could become an icon. Undoubtedly so!
  • Quote: Originally posted by addabox ...[snip]... Really, when the form factor gets past pocket size, how much more trouble is it to carry a laptop? A few ounce, a few inches, it still has to go in some kind of bag, right? Admittedly, you sa…
  • Now, for me, that would be an incentive to spend!!
  • Quote: Originally posted by sCreeD If they run Netware 6 or later they might have NFAP (Native File A-something P-something). This allows non-Windows PCs to connect to the volume as if they were... well native. Unfortunately, most Netware inst…
  • Quote: Originally posted by åsen off topic, When studying Aeronautical Engineering at university we wanted to put prints of Dastardly & Muttley cartoons on our T-shirts and sell them (for a small profit) to all the students in the Department…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Escher It's totally obnoxious and unergonomic that you can't adjust the current Apple Keyboard. ...[snip]... Yeah, that is a regressive step design wise imho. I wonder what they were thinking?
  • this didn't look too bad... on a side note, this Home on iPod thing sounds exciting. If you only need to display or share your data - and not input new info on the spot - then an iPod and a desktop Mac could feasibly render something like this …
  • I noticed this problem too last night - but I was just browsing... we can't purchase from here yet. Anyway, I agree with the above posts. a) maybe it is a good sign that lots of people are buying from the iTMS now. However, b) repeated "unavail…
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunrein I've got a loaded 15" PB (1.25) and I love it. I'd choose it any day over a stock 17" for its portability and usefulness. On the high end of things, I use it for live multitrack recording and audio editing. …
  • My old school ran a Novell network and it was the biggest pain in the **** trying to log onto it. The best I could manage was internet access and webmail - but no direct access to the directories on the network itself. With the help of the IT tech…
  • Remember how the original LCD G&W handhelds had unique colour cases for each game (dual screen and single screen)? Parachute was brown, Octopus was red, Fire was blue, Donkey Kong was orange, Turtle Island was white, etc etc... ah, those were …