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  • Shall search in future! Many thanks.
  • Cheers guys. Both helped alot. Just purchased my bluetooth keyboard this afternoon to go with this new discovery!
  • But if me and my mate both want leopard on Friday the 26th, instead of buying an individual copy each there's nothing different or stopping us from buying the 5 user pack and installing it one after the other?
  • Say I'm in 'cheap bastard' mode for a second...... If me and a mate are looking to purchase Leopard, will buying the Family one for £120 allow us to pass the CD to each other after installing? Therefore making it £60 each instead of the single us…
  • Will the leopard release date be the same for the UK as it is in the US does anyone know?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Outsider OS X doesn't support themes at all. They may be shapeshifter themes, however, shapeshifter is not the most stable theme software. This is the site here, any ideas......?…
    in OSX Themes Comment by sss July 2007
  • Really couldn't find a proper laptop bag I a) liked and b) wasnt too pricey. So I ended up just getting one of those skins the are padded and fit like a glove, and then also got a Converge Messenger Bag from NikeID I made myself. It should fit th…
  • Cheers for the explanation guys. I think I'm a glossy type of person
    in Matte v Glossy Comment by sss June 2007
  • Quote: Originally Posted by emran129 was just wondering anybody ont his forum from the uk brought a new macbook pro? has it been delivered yet? i ordered mine just before the update, i was told that there was an update coming and that i would …
  • But lets be honest, - Less energy useage - Fair enough, better saving energy and all that. - More evenly spread lighting - Can anyone really say the normal 17" displays are unevenly lighted??! - Longer Life - Laptops only have a life themse…
  • I'm not an experienced Mac User myself, have a Dell XPS Desktop with Vista on it at home, and have just ordered a MBP for uni in October. At first glance I like the new dock, but maybe thats my windows aero brain kicking in. In saying that I stil…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by AISI Indeed. After looking at all those photos of comparisons I think I prefer the normal Macbook Pro....... Anyone else agree? LED looks too yellow or sepic-ish.
  • Cheers mate. But the glossy MBP hi-res screen is so good, is the 15" LED really better??
  • Ok thanks. Found it on wikipedia about 30 seconds later, doh
  • Anyone have pictures of this translusent bar?
  • But there will more then likely b a way to change the screen settings so that it goes to the normal MBP resolution of 1680.....?
  • Bearing in mind the new graphics card updates and processor updates which is faster: Last months 2.33Ghz 3GB ram 17" MBP or This months 2.4Ghz 2GB ram 17" MBP ?