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  • iMac Recommendation: Don't Buy - Updates soon Last Release September 06, 2006 Days Since Update 300 (Avg = 168) Info above is from the mac buyers guide, word on other forums hints a release late this month or early next, meaning if u can w…
  • unfortunately the mbp is out of my price range (i only have £1000 and the MBP is £1299) but my brother is a student so i could always get him to buy it for me yeah?
  • Have you looked at the mac range, i know its pricy but the offer some nice stuff and you do get what you pay for, Other then that i dont suppose either would perform at a drastically different level, although i've always found my PC's with AMD ch…
  • What are you wanting the PC to do? (what is it going to be used for).
  • Quote: Originally Posted by EasyC Id go for the 2.2 MBP given your budget, but since you wont be buying until a little later maybe you can save for the higher end 2.4 MBP. The only problem is the pricing isnt as generous over here in the uk …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by l33r0y No worries - spend any extra money on more RAM, or more perhaps more sensibly, a decent FireWire 800 external hard drive for TimeMachine backups I hadn't thought of an external hard drive for Time Machine, a…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by l33r0y If you were to buy right now, get the 15" Macbook Pro with the LED backlighting, as much memory and storage as you can afford. Your machine will be a full 64bit machine, able to run both Windows Vista and Leopa…
  • If I was looking to buy a mac for running CS3 primarily what Mac laptop would be the bare minimum you guys would recommend to get good performance?
  • I say go XP because Vista is way to hungry from what I?ve heard
  • Anyone able to help me regarding "Also out of apples current choice of macbooks which one would you go for and would you make any changes to the specs or would you hold tight to see what?s on the horizon (OS X leopard)?" How far away is Leopar…
  • You might need to bin the box because if it is new and sealed they might ask you to pay a duty for bringing it in, best bet is take a laptop bag over in your luggage and just put it in that for when you return, customs will just think it was part of…