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  • "Well as you can see, we've got The Destroyer of Worlds set to release around this time next year, and then after that we've got Furious Stormkiller and El Diavolo coming up. By 2009 we should have Rock Hardpunch and Huge Erection ready to go. Any q…
  • I want that optimus keyboard so much. But I'm not willing to pay the $2k for it or whatever it will cost. Hopefully in 10 years that sort of thing will be commonplace.
  • Acrobat 6 is fully OS X native, including Distiller.
  • Oh just so you know, if you're on VersionTracker and you click the size of a file (not the name) it takes you directly to the download page and starts downloading automatically.
  • Quote: Originally posted by alligator Also, is there a scan disk type program on the Mac for when I shut off the machine without shutting down properly? Thanks! It does it for you when you reboot. When you see the Apple logo on the screen …
  • Just for whoever cares, I recently bought an Olympus C5050. It's an awesome camera, I highly recommend it. The modes and features this camera has are really extensive and impressive. For being such a small camera, it takes very, very good pictures …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Steve You must not've seen Half-Life 2. Exactly, and that's exactly the sort of game you could use a G5 for to prove how good the architecture is for gaming combined with the good video cards (ATi 9800 Pro, nVidia …
  • I disagree. The ability of the hardware to run the games will, in my opinion, have a direct effect on which games get ported to the Mac and how quickly and how well. Game developers want to beat up your hardware, make it scream for mercy. Don't thin…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Sedak Correct me if I'm wrong, but already my Jaguar version of Mail.app has support for MS Exchange. I can receive and send mails and view my folders. I have no problem with this. And I'll be happy if the ability to…
    in Exchange Comment by xaqtly August 2003
  • FWIW I found the Olympus C-5050 on buydig for $555. If you look at the reviews, the C-5050 is easily comparable to the Nikon 5400 and the Canon G5 for example. I think I'm going to buy the C-5050
  • Quote: Originally posted by nagromme I hope you can get SOME kind of bare-bones G5 for under $2000. I'm pretty certain the single 1.6 GHz G5 will be less than $2000. After all, the 970 is cheaper for Apple than the G4 is... oh yeah.
  • I got it to work, but I had to call AT&T to do it. It was a service provider issue. they gave me a different number to call and it worked. I knew the Mac wasn't the problem, haha
  • No dice, I still have the same problem. I'm starting to suspect it's my service. I'm currently on hold with them to try to find out what I need to do, I'll come back and update when I have a clearer idea of what's going on. It's AT&T by the way.
  • I'll be ordering a couple copies of it tomorrow. Disk Warrior is the best.
  • Never used fruity loops, but try Reason.
    in Audio Tools Comment by xaqtly May 2003
  • Panic seems to think differently than Shoutcast does. Audion 3 can apparently stream to a Shoutcast server. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like: Audion Screenshot Notice it says right in that panel that you're streaming to a Shoutcas…
  • Marc... that was just weird. To respond to the title of this thread: You're right. Apple has no hope. They'll be out of business in 6 months at the outside. You know, people have been saying Apple is going out of business every day, every month a…
  • [quote]Originally posted by theMagius: Want the GF4Ti? It?ll cost you $5000.00 (preconfigured). Well, let's take a look at that, shall we? I just bought a new dual 1 GHz tower with a GeForce 4 Ti. I sure as hell didn't pay $5000 for it, I didn'…
  • Just for fun, some feature comparisons. The Integra model I'm using is the Integra 2, Starting From: $1399.00 First of all, one of the most obvious features: The Superdrive. Integra don't got it. Care to guess where some of the price difference i…
  • I think one thing that needs to be made very, very clear is that gamers DO NOT drive the PC market. At all. The reason the PC market is so large is because every company has them. The company I work for has over 3000 PCs. You think even one of them …