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  • Quote: Originally Posted by suneohair I hope they bring out new displays. I am ready to drop some my money on a Mac Pro and a 30" ACD. Come on Macworld! Dude, You got banned AGAIN over at MR???? What did you do this time?
  • $99 Superdrive addon - ripoff PATA drive, at 4200 RPM no less. Reverting back to the dark ages? Should have had a 32GB SSD options as well, since people can use the TimeCapsule thingy.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by melgross They rarely ban people. Who have they banned? Multi was banned from MacRumors. And I haven't seen one post from him since before New Years, so I figure he was either banned, or, given his fetish for the Ma…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Multimedia Well we're approaching the two week mark to announcement. Anyone here think Apple has gone so consumer base that Steve won't mention the Mac Pro January 15th? I think that's absurd. Did you fall off the e…
  • Not ONE post out of MultiMedia since before New Year's. Did he get banned here too??? I figured he'd be all over this thread, since all he ever did was talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about when the new Mac Pros would be released. …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tacojohn $399 for 500GB $499 for 1TB $399 for 500 gigs...... hahahahha Keep smoking that crack, Apple. I guess whoever priced that thing must also be in charge of BTO options on the website.
  • Killing off the video card upgrade path should drive more people away from Apple. I can see Mac Pro users (who are so inclined) selling off their machines on Ebay and building a Hackintosh with whatever damn video card they want! So, so stupid o…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by G-News That's probably also what Newell had in mind when he said the Mac could own a lot more gaming marketshare, than it does today, if only Apple (read Steve) wanted to. Exactly. Steve doesn't think you should b…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Cake Don't buy from the Apple Store. Buy your iMac from PowerMax or Small Dog Electronics. Hey allozebad, I was just on PowerMax from the link Cake provided and they're running a special. Buy a Mac from them fr…
  • Hi all. Just flew in from MacRumors (and boy are my hands tired.. ) Seriously though, this thread is close to my heart, as I have personally contributed to over 100 posts in the Mac Pro Waiting Game thread over at MR. Many of us have been wa…