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  • What I would like to see, regarding only the iPhone, and only software updates: 1) add the capability of using the iPhone as modem, via Wi-Fi or cable, it doesn't matter how; 2) new "traditional" SMS view mode. I don't like the "chat mode"; …
  • Quote: New MBP DOES feature a slightly revised case design with the new black keyboard from MBA and a larger trackpad, but is basically very similar to existing design. Think evolution not revolution. Great info! ...but just few reflections: …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by xTxRxAxVxIxSx Why does everyone want the case redesign? The look may be a bit dated, but I still think it's gorgeous. Can't imagine an MBP looking any different, really. Yes, you're right, but... it seems that a MBP…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by synp The talkbacks on that page give excellent reasons why this is not coming. AH! Actually, not really afraid about that ;-)
  • Quote: Originally Posted by mcarling 4everskiff, I think late January or February would be a great time to buy a MBP. If you like the aluminium design, then what's the problem? I expect it will continue to be new-looking for a few more years. …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by mcarling Intel are expected to ship notebook Penryns in January and Montevina in May or June. Nothing about Penryn requires changes to the case. On the other hand, Montevina will support HDMI and DisplayPort, one or …
  • May or June?? really so late??? I'm really afraid about that!! I planned to buy one on February '08... so close to June to be angry for a brand new release... while June is though so far to wait for a new Mac!!
  • Hi, that's my first post in this forum! I've been made curious because of the title of the thread: "Plastic Fantastic"! Are you a sailor or just an America's Cup fan??? apart this... unfortunately I'm not a Mac user, but i'm planning to buy a…