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  • Thanks for the information Fluffy. Looks like I will have to look into ADC Select Membership.
  • Thanks for the information AirSluf! Even though the dates they are talking about are farther out than I was hoping for, just hearing some sort of date is very reassuring. Do you have any idea on how to get early access to the JDK 1.4 that apparent…
  • JDK 1.4 adds a number of useful things like higher performance networking, perl-ish regular expressions, assertions, and various other things. JDK 1.4 also adds the ability to use the beta javac compiler which provides pre-release access to generic…
  • Toshiba has not released a 20GB drive in the 1.8" format with the same thickness as the 5GB and 10GB drives. As a poster above mentioned, they have released a 1.8" drive with a 20GB size, but it is 3mm thicker and would not fit into the iPod case. …
  • The current 800 TiBook is my ideal though if I had to be really picky and wanted my _perfect_ laptop, I'd use the following: 1. start with the current 60GB HD, 1GB RAM, 800 TiBook 2. add built-in bluetooth 3. add a second mouse button 4. s…
  • MacWorld just released their new review of the PowerBook 800. They found that the PowerBook performed almost identically to the PowerMac 800:
  • I just got a new TiBook 800 with the 5400 60GB drive. It's REALLY nice. I previously owned a TiBook 500 which had been upgraded with a IBM 48GB 5400 drive. Compared to the old 500 Ti, the 800 Ti is: -about 70-80% faster compiling C++/Java code…
  • The Archos won't fit in my pocket. It's effectively useless for my needs. I don't know why people even compare the Archos and the iPod because they are in two different categories. The Archos is a portable MP3 player. The iPod is a _wearable_ MP…
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  • The G5 is supposed to bring 64-bit computing to the table.