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  • Speaking with ATT you're correct King... you lose your unlimitedness if you add the Personal Hotspot feature
    in Tethering Comment by bbwi March 2011
  • Well without encrypting your traffic between your devices and the wireless router, everything is sniffable to whomever is in reach of the wireless traffic. So typically around 150-300 feet of the wireless router Any sites you use that use HTTPs y…
  • Well, unfortunately, after reading a little more on Tore, Tor doesn't encrypt the first hop only subsequent hops. That means you're almost no better off using Tor than if you didn't. I think you may be screwed here as far encryption is concerned.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by hxc04 Awesome, thank you for the help! Why can't I have my own VPN, sorry I am not very in tune to this sorta thing. I am just wanting to stay as secure as I can with my Android and iPad when surfing. a VPN is a r…
  • Another tip, if you want to keep all your apps and music and pix and such separate from hers then create her a separate account on your Mac. If not, at least convince her to buy some apps so you can use them, too!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by hxc04 Sorry for the confusion. All of my devices are on wifi I want to lock them down, both at home (for both computers) and when on an open wifi next (android and ipad). If VPN is not the solution, I am open to anyt…
  • So just so I'm clear, the problem is that you can't access WiFi but you'd still like your phone and iPad to get on the internet via VPN? Whose VPN? Your works?
  • Sure you can do that now. Just as long as the rip is in a format the iTV supports
  • You are responsible for data transfer by backing up your iPhone.
  • Just buy an HDMI cable that has a DVI or mini display port (which ever your Mac has) and connect them. Then buy an Apple remote or use your iPhone and VNC software to control your mac
  • I like Bose so neither. I just returned by Sennheiser mm 450's because Bose QuiteComfort sounded a lot better to me I also currently have Etymotic ER 4 as my back ups and they lack bass. All in ear headphones lack bass compared to on ear or over …
  • I guess if you were truly hypersensitive then you would have already purchased antivirus software. I recommend Kaspersky if you do
    in Viruses Comment by bbwi August 2010
  • You mean it's not built-in like it is on the iphone? press the sleep button and the home button at the same time. You should see the screen flash. Then go to the photo app Then download
  • Quote: Originally Posted by alainny1 If this has been discussed before, my apologies. IMO, killing apps that you want to kill right away is a disaster in OS 4. Example I am using my GPS to navigate. I want to turn it off, because simply minimizin…
  • File>Add Folder to Library
  • I'm guess Apple has the pick of the litter right now when it comes to talent. Being a mech eng might not be enough to get in the door. Thats why I mentioned LinkedIn or Facebook because you need to know someone at Apple to get in the door. But I wou…
  • Sennheisers and AKG's don't look very travel friendly tho? I'm still inclined to go back to the Bose because they sound good enough, thin and foldable so they're so easy to travel with, rechargeable battery, and there's an iPhone adapter kit all for…
  • Whats wrong with Best Buy? Do they not carry Apple there? If you seriously expect people on this forum to tell you why Apple does one thing or another you're seriously misguided. And don't act all dramatic because I'm sure its the same in all …
  • Might be ok for small business but I don't see large enterprises adopting Apple in mass. Google is the exception but then again Google has billions and billions and even millions of dollars in resources. They also have a large dev staff to develop a…
  • I currently have a pair of Etymotic ER4P and think they lack bass, are not as comfortable to wear, and Bose's noise canceling is definitely better