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  • you think i would notice the difference in the ram upgrade on my macbook? I just use it to surf and do homework.
    in Ram Comment by kenrc51 May 2008
  • i think they are almost the same but except the time capsule had a harddrive and can back up your file incase anything happens.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tdhockeyfan424 I am wondering if anyone as a sick mac setup. It can be any mac, like an imac, mac mim, mac pro, macbook etc. cuase i got mine and i think its awsome here is mine nice set up. Mets f…
  • thanks alot bclapper. To upgrade to 4gig of ram i need 2 x 2 gig stick right? So the 2 x 1 gig stick goes to no use? Can i sell them? How much you think i can sell them for? How come to upgrade to 4 gig ram cost $400? man that so expensive wher…
    in Ram Comment by kenrc51 May 2008
  • i use this program on my pc. Some times when i download a song, it seems like the song is a corupted file and it does not play or it keep repeating 3 secs of the song for the whole track duration. Does that mean its a virus?
  • thanks for your help guys
  • well we all know you can buy music from itunes, but that gets expensive. Is there a program to dl free music? like napster?
  • whats a unix-fu? How do i make my hp printer work for my mac?
    in prnter Comment by kenrc51 April 2008
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Norman Terry You ride an RC51? I have an '04 that I still race WERA and CCS with. yeah, i have an rc51. Its an 04 same as yours. I love it and would never sell it. Love the v-twin. I dont race i just ride can…
  • I just used page for the first time the other day. I love it, it is easy to use. I figure out to export the file so i can view it with a pc. One question, i noticed that on the font option page does not have Times New Roman font. How do i get th…
  • How do you get a free copy? let me know, i want a free copy. thanks
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Me You misunderstood. PDF is not the editable document format of iWorks '08. However, all MacOS X apps can print to PDF. This feature of MacOS X allows you to send any document from your Mac in a "universal" readab…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by backtomac Can you submit your work (term papers, ect) in PDF format? If so I would get iWork. Its rare to find someone who like office 08. well i remember im a new mac user so i only know how to you use office 08. …
  • well if you purchase the topof the line macbook and compare with the basic mbp then its only 400 difference. The white 2.4 macbook only cost 1299 with edu discount 1199 and this is basically the same as the blk but just alittle smaller hdd. I thin…
  • i got ipod nano 8g in blue
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Denton Here you are. thanks
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Karelia You can't upgrade the video card on any notebook. wha can you upgrade beside ram, and hard drive?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by aresee Anybody's guess. The iPhone was a seven month wait, four months for the aTV and there have been products available when the Keynote was finished. We will know when Jobs makes the product announcements. i see,…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by buddha MWSF stands for Macworld San Francisco. The first Apple even of every year that occurs in mid January. Last year at MWSF they announced the iPhone and TV. This year people are expecting a thin Macbook as well a…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by buddha Nobody knows when any product is going to get updating. It's pure speculation. There is likely going to be a thin Macbook at MWSF (mid january), I would want until then. This belongs in future hardware btw. …