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  • Sorry, McCartney isnt much of a bass idol. He was just a guitar player who covered bass. If you want to idolize someone, look at John Patitucci, Marcus Miller, Bill Dickens, Les Claypol, Victor Wooten. Yes, too many people play 6 strings and do…
  • The DIGI001 is Protools, not TDM though. Ive never tryed the 828. It came out about 4 monthe after I bought me 001. I sort of wish I would have known about the 828 so I could use it with a laptop and do remote and live recoarding. Its a pain to …
  • Looking at my name you can guess my main instrument. I use a DP3/Digi001 setup for my home studio. I am in the middle of recording a CD with my band, Stout Jackson. Will most likely add a TC Powercore when I get to the final mixdown. My two …
  • I own a cat, as well as living with a dog in my house. I grew up with both. Both have there good and bad points, and I like them both. I have more fun with dogs, but have much more respect for cats. You have to earn a cats love and affection, do…
  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. And if you can see through it, its not beer. I second transcendence79 , Guinness!!! [ 11-26-2001: Message edited by: bassman ]
  • I believe it is as good as the others were at the same point of the series. THey have done a good job of having a hot female on the last few series. The scene on the first episode of Enterprise with the decontamination gel. Oh my. I would like…
  • Forget the above pic of Ms. Portman. Look in the trailer where Anikin said " I can to rescue you?, Obi Wan replies ?nice job? Look behind that creature think Al Natile in the tight white outfit with her hands tied over her head. Yaya. For all …