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  • So if you have this plan, would it allow you to sign into individual networks apps that require cable service provider login? Like ABC requires cable service provider login. 
  • My three kids (10,8,6) all use Siri heavily, for all their searches and queries. I hardly use it, prefer to type out my searches. It is just second nature to them to say, Hey Siri. When I type, they often say...Just ask Siri. To them Siri is almost …
  • chasm said: How long before TSA decides to use these powers to force travelers to open their social media in a similar manner, I wonder? I always shut off my phone when going through security also if I get pulled over by the police, just i…
  • 21yr_mac_user said: Early 2008 Mac Pro here - 8 core, upgraded with 16 GB RAM, USB 3 card, upgraded apple ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card running 2x 24" monitors,  1TB PCI SSD boot drive, 3x smaller SSDs (win 10 etc), 11 TB total large hard …
  • I say rip off, I just got FCS2 and it had all the current versions. Quote: Originally Posted by bbwi I bought a copy of this on eBay and most of the CD's are not the latest versions. For example, I have Final Cut 5.1, SoundTrack 1.1, etc. …
  • After being a PC person for almost 20 years, I made the switch a few weeks ago and I could not be happier.
  • Thank you so much! That worked perfectly. I really appreciate your help. Quote: Originally Posted by TwanLo Try reinstalling messenger with the most current version (7.0.1). You can download it directly from Mactopia. http://www.microsof…
  • I stood in line at our ATT store for the first iPhone, I was #4. However, I'm very happy with this iPhone and you know just the upgrade to 3G doesn't do it for me. I think I will wait for another year or so for the 3rd generation iPhone.
  • Absolutely YES!I have a iPhone and I didn't use a case until recently and I have all kinds of scratches and dings on my iPhone. However the case I have now is great and I really love it. Its a Otter box, best case I have ever found.
  • Well I got my new Mac. Here are the pictures...
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  • Hey, No, I didn't get the memory or HD from Apple. I went with the minimum on both when I ordered from Apple and got the rest from 'other' places. Tom Quote: Originally Posted by zinfella I hope that you didn't buy your ram from Apple.…
    in Switch.... Comment by waxxel June 2008
  • Hi all, While I know Mac's are not 'perfect' they have to be better then what I have had. My new Mac Pro is: 3.2 GHZ Quad Core 16 GB Memory 2 TB Storage NVIDIA GeForce 8800 512 mb When I was editing on Windows, I used Premier & V…
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  • I'm just waiting for when I will be able to run Photoshop on my iPhone. Quote: Originally Posted by oilerch50 I was wondering the same thing.....and the whole notion of the PLATFORM.
  • I'm an old time PC guy who just recently started the switch over to Apple in my personal life. I'm the Manager of Information Technology for a very large company here in NYC. We pretty much run all windows, except one VP who insisted on haveing a ma…
  • Thank you! I only found out about this site today. Didn't see anything on it about the Mac Pros. Quote: Originally Posted by Flounder Apple updated the Mac Pro 7 weeks ago. Now is a great time to buy.