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  • Unfortunately this wonderful update has rendered my ATV 4 useless for watching MLB. Now I get a message: “you are not authorized to watch this feed” I’m in Thailand. Anyone else with this issue? I’d love a fix.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Marvin  In preferences, there are Signatures and Composing tabs at the top. In Composing, you can choose to send Mail from either the selected account or one you choose. In signatures, you can choose which signature…
    in Issues Comment by nickcage49 June 2014
  • I wish I understood half of what you said there. I'm not very technical as you can probably tell. The text files are working better, but it's funny, sometimes they show small and then magically become full size. Very strange.
  • Funny enough, when I drag the image into the sig and I compose an e mail the images are small, but when I click on them, they become full size. Strange. Still working on the html solution. Quote: Originally Posted by Marvin You could upload …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by nickcage49 Do you know how to put a link to an online image in HTML? What are the steps to do this. Sorry, I'm rather new at all this. When I drag and drop the image into the signature it looks awesome, until I sa…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Marvin Mail allows them, you just drag an image onto the page. It will send through as an attachment but show inline. Or you could just put a link to an online image in HTML. Do you know how to put a link to an onli…