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  • Dude , Two words float to the surface of my adolescent intelect Rock on I am getting one next saturday for college. I AM SO PUMPED. I am going to california between now and then maye I should get one there. hmmmmmmmmm Dude - I am so exci…
  • What do you mean drive 2 hoursa to get to an apple store---- The Bryn Mawr apple store is only 10 minutes from the kp store---
  • Verizon licks balls in south eastern PA - I am getting a new plan for college - anyone know how good sprint is in northern New york
  • Sorry I can't link it right now my computer is a little whacked , but , the stories jive, and people have recieved their comps in the past, it just worries me , because though I can still contact by phone, the seller dropped of ebay. I need my comp…
  • Everybody- I just ordered a New PB 667 for 1900 from a person on ebay , but he has sold computers in the past and has lots of good feedback. I also spoke with him on the phone ( one global source is the company name) do you think I am being rippe…
  • I ordered my ibook with a with a 256 ( 384 ) Is that ebough to say , listen to itunes while surfing the internet and writing a paper or to play medal of honor ?
  • thanks for the referral - i just bought a piar of the seinheisers from the site . Does anyone know if any outputs on the ibook are unamplified
  • While Your At it - Could someone reccomend some good in the ear headphones for me ? I was thinking the sony fontopia dudes , but I'm not sure ( cause Ibooks don't come with headphones but everyone I know who has them gets headphones
  • OH CRAP ON MY HEAD I forgot to mention that I will be playing 1 return to castle wolfenstein ( I am buying it with the computer it looks so cool) 2 Quake 3 That medal of honor game, though I am unsure of it's relative sweetness due to m…
  • would it be worth me putting in a 512 instead of the 256 ? by the way , how difficult is installing memory in one of these puppies ? By the way , I will mostly be using this computer to 1 assemble an outrageous music collection. 2 Write pape…
  • Sorry I am kind of new at this
  • rock on thanks
  • Thanks Alcimiedes - thats a pretty good idea- I will keep that as a last case scenario. I just need that computer before college
  • thanks murbot- I payed with a money order ( yes dumb I know) The person had decent feedback- however , he recently dropped off as an ebay member so I can't send you the link - but he had hundreds of satisfied customers. He just won't pick up the…
  • At school I had a bitchin commodore - but I drew on the screen in crayon - Then I had an apple - the first ones with the 5 1/2 - tehn I got a compaq 486 laptop which was awesome back in 94 - it looked like a regular laptop from today - just thick…
  • Thanks alot everyone, Apple is taking it back cause of a scratch ( small chunk ) in the ti near the hinge
  • I ordered my ibook with a with a 256 ( 384 ) Is that ebough to say , listen to itunes while surfing the internet and writing a paper or to play medal of honor ?
  • Alcimedes, thanks so much , do you have any idea how I could get in contact with the postmaster general??
  • No I payed with a money order. I might borrow a few hundred and try to buy a ibook this sucks
  • how much does being a student cost?