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  • I musta found the best deal
  • Excellent. I can't wait!!!!! Thanks for the great advice. Going on vacation Tomorrow till Sunday to the beach. Then back to web development on OSX on a new machine! Thanks Folks!
  • Sorry for not getting back to you all. I just got back from a mini vacation and am a tad more rested. Yes, you were all correct in the display issue. I got displays up the ying yang here and some older vid cards so the LCD is not in my purchas…
  • Thanks all. I am going to call MacZone and get the deal explained over the phone. Anybody else? Great Board. Keep up the good work.
  • Yeah, I remember years ago having a project that HAD to use a PC so I got an IBM and then to save money would not pay to get a dual boot machine. Some person told me PartitionMagic was the best of the best. Let's just say that while I have don…
  • [quote]Originally posted by alcimedes: if you made it another drive, you should be fine. if you tried to add it to the original space, you're probably toast. Well, toast is the word. I am now RE-installing 10.1. There goes 2 weeks worth of …
  • Well, perhaps moving it to the OSX area will help.... I have a sneaking suspicion I wil now have to pony up the money for the 10.1 CD from apple. sheesh.
  • I should add that I am trying to upgrade to the latest 10.1.5 or for heaven's sake, at least 10.1 so that I can install some apps that demand it.... TIA eriK
  • Well, the kind folks at the apple store near me told me that it was a limited promotion to get the free or 19.99 CD for 10.1 The want freakin' $129 for it now... I'll wait till after MWExpo to see what is to become of Jaguar and maybe upgrade t…
  • [quote]Originally posted by BlueJekyll: They also gave it away at Macworld SF. If you have an Apple store near you they may give it to you for free. I have an apple store near where I work. Perhaps I will swing by on Friday and see if th…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Mount_my_floppy: You have to pay for the 10.1 upgrade because it has so many fetures that 10.0.4 doesnt one of witch are an amazing speed improvement Well, I figured as much. Thanks for the answer. As an aside, I …