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  • Would that mean I would want to accept PayPal? Currently, I can't really do that because the amount would be greater than PayPal would let me. Do people trust enough to pay online through ebay? Anyone here interested?
  • Ok so what is a fair price for a like/new Powerbook G4 867 15" Combo drive with 40 gb hard drive and 512 mb ram? Don't really want to do the quote mess with PowerMax cause that wasn't the site I saw originally and they look to be a little more diff…
  • Quote: Originally posted by \\/\\/ickes I have found a bug with the windows app. How do I report it? What is the bug that you found?
  • I guess I could do that but I prefer working on my Apple whenever possible. I use the PC mostly as a storage system and a tv in my bedroom. Plus the firewire port on my pc is behind the desk and it stinks to hook up all the time to load the pc.
  • But if I were to do an update on the iPod even if I have it set to manual, would it not erase everything?
  • You think the buy a bundle promotion works on refurbs also? You could get the powerbook and ipod at a pretty sweet price if that is the case.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Eugene I've never had to return anything to GoogleGear, so I've never had a bad experience with them. I primarily used GoogleGear and NewEgg when I built my PC last spring. Why return the CPU to GoogleGear? If it …
  • Quote: Originally posted by progmac i don't understand their reasoning for not accepting the item... i would definitely talk to your CC company. they are usually good about refunds and they will just charge the merchant. at that point, the m…
  • They are charging over to deter sales right now. They haven't gotten any or listed any on the website yet. The only way you can get it is to call and they will not do the 20% on top of pricematch. You can have one of the other right now. The pri…
  • The email I used for the order does not work anymore unfortunately. I updated it after the order but that didn't change this order. It is realistically the only thing that makes sense though.
  • Quote: Originally posted by coolmac Correction, the 15gig is $443.95 before the 20% discount, which comes to $355 + tax, free standard shipping. Repost Here is original
  • I got an iPod from Dell that I thought was not going to be delivered. The sales guy placed an order for the 20gb saying that they would ship the 30gb when they realized that Apple didn't have anymore. There was a 3+ weeks waiting list on the 20gb…
  • They have stopped taking orders from what I understand now. They suspended the 30gb iPod. Someone posted that the 15gb should be in their system in the next 2 hours though so that might be worth it. Dell Small Business currently has 20% off softw…
  • I got the one for $404 including everything.. Try calling Teressa at x47122 She was very helpful. If you can ask her to Pricematch to and she most likely will. That is what she did for me.
  • Oh I know. I am waiting to get the 15GB iPod from Dell when I can make a nice deal. I am constantly getting 10-15% coupons for Dell Small Business and Home that would make this even sweeter because a lot of times the coupons are stackable.
  • Why would they list it at 526? What a scam. They give 10% discount to knock it down to regular price. That's a joke and a half. Nevermind I see that it is Home.
  • If it is 10% off and 45 off it should be more like 499.99 - 49.99 (10%) - 45.00 Total = 405 plus shipping (10 at the most) Is there tax on this too or something? Is this from small business or home cause if it is home then there won't be…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Nebrie ordered a 30giger for 360 Where?
  • Quote: Originally posted by missyvortexdv i've noticed this too. looking for an ibook for university in couple months time, been checking up over last month and a half. my fiancee got one on ebay, an ibook 500. standard model paid £600 for it. …
  • I'm getting the 15 GB when Dell gets them. Discounted nice and cheap I hope with coupons.