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  • who cares about the keynote only 31days till the bigdayout auckland!
  • [quote]Originally posted by Anders: [removed on request from BicPen Legal] dont bic pens and lighters rock. but something much better than mw is me Dani, shes hot, shes smart, shes mine, she dont got $10k(nz) fot the top of the line -Dani wel…
  • I was on my mates boat and his dads mate was playing the park on his discman so me and my mate got sick of over hearing it so we stood and stomped on his mates earphones. was anyone at the bdo with limp bizkit, i was in the auckland one and they …
    in Linkin Park Comment by marc January 2002
  • lets move on from how to stop them/us useing them to finding ways to inform them/us on how to use them if they want and there effects(my school did and i think them for it) and lets see how has used weed on these bords shell we(in new zealand its…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Sinewave: Don't you have some sheep to tend to? Yes, yes my sheep need me! Considering I?m 12 stories up in the Metropolis in the center of Auckland City. And thank you Sinewave your stereotype is great, why …
  • I am I miss informed? But I was told a few 100 years ago The United States of America, had a vote on what language to be there national language, I was told the vote was between German (deutsche, the best language) and plan old Anglo Saxon English. …
  • i am so a lefty! go labour!! you bloody right wing facist!
  • 1) Cruel Imntentions 2) Human Traffic 3) End of Days 4) Fast and the Furious(John Banks loves this one) 5) Cats and Dogs!
  • [quote]Originally posted by EmAn: I doubt he told them to do this. It doesn't seem like something he'd do. yes, it is he's telling us to goto bed. even as its 8pm on jan 7th here in nz
  • From "...Beyond the rumor sites, way beyond" this can mean one thing, not only has steve sold apple he alos sold our as bill would like to put it 'macies' soles. At 25 cents a pop! Yes I can see the revised keynote now?. Hey is steve…
  • YOUR ALL WRONG! its a 7.5" cube geees
  • who cares about the keynote only 31days till the bigdayout auckland!
  • iMac 2 So Sexy So Smart So Small So Good F.u.c.k. it well just keep them Think Different.