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  • I've bought all my RAM, dating back to SIMMS for a 6100, at and haven't had a problem yet.
  • If you're using the optical (SPDIF) out, you can't change the output levels. Or are you referring to the internal speaker?
  • Nearly (all?) macs equipped with firewire can be booted into "Target disk mode" by holding down the "T" key as the mac boots up. This basically turns the whole mac into a glorified HD enclosure. You can then hook the mac up to any other firewire-equ…
    in Pismo help Comment by benzene May 2007
  • You might want to try booting the Pismo into firewire target mode (hold down T) and then try reinstalling your OS of choice from a second computer.
    in Pismo help Comment by benzene May 2007
  • In your case I'd simply get an external hard drive of similar capacity to your internal drive. Use Carbon Copy Cloner overnight every week or two, and you'll always have a perfect duplicate of your data. This solution has worked well for me in th…
  • Call AppleCare and tell them to fix it, as you are right in assuming it should be under warranty.
  • Well, you should be able to have it shipped out and fixed under warranty, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, I'd get a new 2.5" SATA drive, and replace the existing failing drive. You can use your install disks to reinstall the OS. Put the old dri…
  • No. Even in the (supposedly more flexible) world of commodity computers, upgrading a laptop consists of swapping RAM and a hard drive. There is nothing you can do to an iBook that will even get it close to the performance of a MBP.
  • Glad to be of service. I don't know why RAM seems to go wonky before say, the other IC's on the motherboard, but when RAM does go bad, it manifests itself in all sorts of bizarre ways. Again though, I'm pleased you got the problem fixed.
  • Odd indeed. (Love the nick btw, Space Mutiny rules) I would take out the RAM sticks and put them back in one at a time and see if that solves anything. I have seen some bizarre stuff appear due to failing/marginal RAM.
  • Although I'm sure there's a way to get the system to automatically restore the custom icons, here's a quick fix that'll do the same thing: Use a program like Candybar to find and copy the "movies" folder icon, open an info window for the folder you …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Sororca Macboop Is that the new default alert sound 10.5 will ship with?
  • If your mac is 6.5 years old, it likely only has the very slow USB 1.0, which would explain the slow burning. If the aforementioned macintosh has PCI slots, you can get a USB 2.0 card for a pittance.
  • Could you be a little more specific how you can't connect to the drive again? Does it show up in the "Connect to Server" dialog? Also, there shouldn't be any problem in having two (or more) computers connect to the drive.
  • No problem. Let us know if that fixes the fan noise issue.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by xelitex is this a safe download? i dont want to just download any old software off of a website. But you'll trust the word of some old person you've only just talked to on Appleinsider? In any case, I think you w…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by AquaMac Thats great but there should be a way to set your default email program just like setting up your default browser. Anyone? I think he's complaining that when he clicks an a "mailto:" link on the web, it's o…
  • Google is your friend: clicky.
  • My suggestion is to download smcFanControl and set the minimum fan speed to a slightly higher value. This will cause the machine to run cooler overall, and largely mitigate the drastic jumps in fan speed.
  • Can you specify if it's a fan noise or a CD mechanism noise issue? If it's the fans, I've noticed the same thing, as my wife's MB seems to spool up the fans at odd times. I got her smcfancontrol, and to keep it cool she runs them about %50 higher…