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  • Well i thought i should report as to what happened. I thought i would have to reinstall, but before i tried to stick the sudo in which was working on another mac. Booted up in target disk mode and replaced. And it worked! Don't ask me how b…
    in sudo won't do! Comment by anr April 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by torifile Have you tried changing your password? Use the Accounts preference pane and change your password there. Maybe something got screwed up there.... Then try sudo again. Failing that, you could create a new admin …
    in sudo won't do! Comment by anr April 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by curiousuburb are you certain the "use of violence to get it out" didn't cause the damage? I wouldn't put that back into a laptop until I knew it was still sealed and viable. Not worth the risk if it leaked and bork…
  • Quote: Originally posted by GraphicUmp Have you added any new hardware? Some PCI cards aren't compatible with sleep... Aah, excellent... just put a Adaptec SCSI card in... with the card out it works! Since I have another SCSI adapter (d…
  • This is exactly what i'm thinking about. I was planning to buy the 800 discounted now, as i don't really need 200mhz or superdrive. How much difference between Radeon Mobility 7500 and 9000 is there? They're both 32mb.
  • Hmm, well thanks for the speculation. I've been waiting to buy since the DVI line was introduced, but are first now beginning to feel the urgent need for a PowerBook. It seems that everybody agrees that either we get new PBs by Seybold or Apple E…