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  • The portion of the SP3 EULA posted previously states that DRM tools will be downloaded to the machine. It does not state that they will be installed. This is a critical difference. Edit: xmoger seems to have said this earlier; carry on. [ 08-1…
  • I think Apple should include System 6 on all its new computers so that I could play Dungeon of Doom again. Man that was a great game.
  • Apple needs to be releasing products that amaze people whether or not they are 'morons' as you so poetically disparage them. If the reporters on CNN, who could probably be interpreted as a fairly good representation of the public at large in terms …
  • Yeah same as The Brain here. Why knock yourself out to watch a shitty, overloaded stream when you can sleep and get all the information immediately upon waking? Much more logical.
  • Nothingface! Download any of them. They are all godlike.
  • I doubt they are up, as Fran said. I believe this because future countdown GIFs (4 days, 3 days etc) are not accessible by changing file names in the URL, and if Apple isnt hosting up innocuous and completely expected graphics until the very day the…
  • MOSR is THE highest quality operation of any sort on the planet.
  • [quote]Even so, "The X Files" is pretty universally seen as a strong, well-written quality show, so there's WORSE things for Apple to be "tied" to. Yeah like three years ago Kind of like the Simpsons
  • 1) Hooker 2) Alcohol 3) Marujuana 4) Balloons 5) Rabbits and/or hamsters 6) Grass seed 7) Surgical tubing 8) Golf balls 9) Coleman lantern/fuel bottles 10) Guitar strings 11) Lane cake 12) 1st edition novels 13) Small, assorted pieces of…
  • [quote]Will they let you screw around at the Apple Store? There might be complaints issues with public indecency; please check your local town and county ordinances. However, robots are typically exempt from said restrictions. The obvious solution…
  • This year's NCAA is great. Upsets are exciting! Who wants a tournament where every game can be predicted by the seed number? Thats recockulous. [quote]Some of those results I blame on the TERRIBLE seeding job done by the tournament selection com…
  • I was laughed at last year when I said WSU would become the sleeper hit of the PAC-10. I make the same prediction this year (although I dont know if it will truly count as a sleeper hit this time...)
  • Running while wearing boxers results in increased flappage.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Eskimo: [conspiracy mode] It's because the government puts flouride into our city water supplies in order to subvert the youth of america into being more easily swayed by dulling their senses and instilling an overwh…
  • I go to a small school (1400 students). In my french class we were given a take-home test. I thought it was due the next week on Thursday, so I was working on it the Monday night of that same week in order to get a good jump on it because I had a lo…
  • [quote]Originally posted by MacAddict: A pair of Grado SR80 headphones, that I decided I wanted after seeing how ugly Sennheisers are. You fool! Headphones are to listen to, not look at! (listening to brand new Sennheiser HD580 mmmmmm)
  • People number a program to do that? More power to them then, I suppose.
  • People bother with illegal drugs because the drugs make them feel good. Your drugs, apparently, do not.
  • Boromir flips out at the end of the first book and demands the ring from Frodo. Frodo puts on the ring and runs off, and ultimately decides to leave alone (Sam figures out his plan and comes with him). The rest of the fellowship spreads out to loo…