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  • sorry to dig up an old topic but i came across this when using the search i got a simular problem ever since i upgraded to tiger wmp9 hasnt worked, i already deleted it twice and tried a fresh download and installation, it crashes as soon as i…
  • well using my mx 500 didn't make much difference if i leave me speakers on for a while i still get static and since i don't get much help on here i guess i'll just take em back to the store to get them fixed
  • ok thanks for your help, there is a good chance i will be able to get a G5 in a couple of months, so i think im gonna buy this set anyway even if i can only connect 2 speakers on my G4, at least il have a decent system when i get a G5
  • yes i know i wont get surround sound, but my question is will i get any sound at all? for as far as i know they are just speakers so they should work if i hook em up right (forget about the surround sound for a second)?
  • Quote: The problem is all in your head. Just keep the VPC6.1 install disk and finish your installation. If that doesn't work, then complain. if you read my post, youll see that i already tried to install diffrent things, i thought i succeeded bu…
  • oh boy, that means coughed all that money up for something that lets me install "my own copy of windows", which i dont have, ah man well guess its my own fault, shoulda checked
  • hum thats strange i mean a 876 dual aint that much but i hink that its good enough to run those games without a problem because my buddy has aTIbook 1 ghz (single processor) with a radeon 9000 pro (64 mb) and he has no problems at all, so i g…
  • never ever reset your comp during the installation of an other operating system!!!!!!!! this can be fatal to your computer, mt friend had the same problem and he had to buy a new comp, so beware
  • i tried that 4 times already and it still doesnt work i gotta get this problem solved or i get an F in school then i'm in deep sh*t
  • doesnt anyone know something about this???????
  • np im still gettin the hang of it so sorry when i post something in the rong categorie its a pretty old camera but it cost a lot of money when it was new lets see it's a sony digital video camera recorder DCR-PC7E if im not mistaking with…
  • of you ask me 10.2.3 gave me a lot of trouble most of al in the gaming section SOF II keeps crashing because of 10.2.3 and i have to say i come across a lot more unexpected stops then I like to see but for the rest its quit good
  • cmon doens t anyone know this?????????
  • i play via gameranger it's a very easy program were you don't need Ip adresses to join , the most popumair games now are ghost recon and MOHAA, you can download it from have fun greetz
  • oeps seems that i already posted this question srry
  • i play a lot of shooters ans strategy games medal of honor ghost recon (btw kicks ass) soldier of fortune II unreal tournament (wainting for UT2003) quake 3 arena and team arena return to caslte wolfenstein warcraft III starcraft 4*4 evo…
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOF II has crashed tonight both in single and multiplayer, i don't get it reinstalling doesnt help damn man that was my favourite game
  • k ill look for a trial version or something cause im a little short of cash right now thx :cool:
  • if tried to make counterstrike run on virtual pc and believe it works like sh*t graphics are to bad to even be called bad all shocks not one single smooth image but i think if you comp is good enough you might be able to run it
  • oh yes it is come on dude there a lot of other cool demos available now i love ghost recon and in december myba a demo of ut2k3