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  • Retiring at 30? Murbot, you have to tell me the name of your financial consultant. Seriously, thanks for all the hard work at the forums.
  • I see rashumon is around here again, after an absence of a couple of months. Welcome. I wonder if he would be willing to help me with my Citrix remote access issue, as discussed above.
  • Quote: Originally posted by thegelding the big boys were a texas punk band that used horns and funky beats on many songs...the fat elvis is a cd of theirs that is a must have trouble funk was a dc band that was mostly funky, but a bit punky …
  • Quote: Originally posted by mattjohndrow well escher, i play funk on the keyboards, and punk rock on the guitar, as well as some funky beats on the drums, but i haven't really thought of fusing the two...could turn out interesting though... F…
  • Those engaged in ?tax revolt? initiatives should indicate clearly where they would make up the revenue that would be forgone: should other types of tax be increased; if so, which ones? Should spending be decreased; if so, which spending should be t…
    in Revolt Comment by chinney May 2004
  • I saw a chart in the newspaper over the weekend. As expensive as gasoline appears to be right now, it is actually cheaper than it was ? adjusted for inflation ? for much of the late ?70s and early ?80s. The fact of the matter is that we have just …
  • The endless debate on this subject in AO proves that there is no real evolution.
  • Quote: Originally posted by NaplesX All of you people are ridiculous.... [...] Noone in their right mind thought it was right to do those things to these prisoners, but the level of outrage over criminals and terrorists is a little off bal…
  • The picture of the naked Iraqi prisoner cowering in front of the guard dogs is only the first of a series. They actually let the dogs attack the man, of which there are apparently more photos. From the New Yorker article: Quote: One of the ne…
  • Quote: Originally posted by LoCash It''s do-able, but the better question is, "who is going to do it?" I thought that there were some of you out there who love to write code.
  • Well, yes, I do sometimes have such fantasies. But, based on the title, I had hoped that this thread would be about that wonderful Woody Allen film of that name. Really great movie. And certainly exploration of the 'fantasy of crime' turned in…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Moogs [...] No word on stability improvements either although I guess they'd never phrase it that way for fear of legal hassles. mrmister's testing - noted in an earlier post in this thread - seems to suggest t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Paul an interesting blend would be showing the average posts per day ratio instead of registration date OR postcount.... it would be both at the same time... Actually, what would be interesting would be also to hav…