Why do I get the following message if there are no posts yet that says: “Discussion is not found”.  I look the next day at the article where I had previously gotten that message —see below — and now I see posts — and then I can post.  Why can’t I be the first poster!??? Discussion not found. The discussion you were looking for could not be found. I would like to have a comment forwarded to William Gallagher, on his article on finding older MacOS, including links, for William Gallagher or someone to reply to on the need for older OS’s—or his suggestion of in advisability of installing older versions. I retired as a graphic designer and photographer gradually around 2002 to 2005 (I’m now 74).  Meanwhile I started doing that kind of work for a non-profit I started, as well as other not-for-profits and donating my time in both design and photography   Two examples of my need to continue using several 32 bit Apps are as follows. I acquired Adobe InDesign,  Photoshop and Illustrator as part of CS6 Design Studio (32 bit and last month-subscription versions), that were a fairly substantial cost, but working full time easily justified the upgrading with each release, as it was a cost of business. I also use QuarkXpress v.9, also a 32 bit App, as it is the last version I can update the large number of v.3.1 to v.4.x documents a loyal client still has me do from time to time. There is no feature beyond CS6 InDesign that I need as I am very proficient and am can create great design with the CS6 version   The newer versions mostly are more automated features that I am already fast at with the older softwares. I can’t justify paying a subscription (except for Photoshop and Lightroom) on the many design projects I donate, with no offsetting income and on fixed retirement income.   I also use Quark v9 as mentioned above as it was the last version to open projects created in the early and mid 1990’s in version 4 and to do so reliably. ( I don’t want to be caught with no option if Quark stops doing conversions online at some point.  This is a very large client that used me exclusively and is very loyal and occasionally uses me for non-ad brochures, maps and signage  (I gave ad work to another designer after retiring).  I maintain a 2014 iMac with Yosemite, as it works for those 32-bit versions of software for updating old projects.  Of course I don’t know how long the will be a viable option plus the overhead of having multiple Macs to work in current apps as well as a space taking older iMac   I’m wondering if Parallels allows installing a 32 bit version of Mac OS and would have liked comments on reliability if is that is known by commenters or by William.   Paying $20 a month just for InDesign for donating design is way too expensive. I’m not switching to another program as updating docs wouldn’t work and the features and my speed would suffer to not be worth it.  I’m proficient in many programs and know whereof I speak.  ———————- Can you please forward the above as a post? Or forward to William Gallagher?  Thank you. _____________________________________ Another issue outstanding  I also never got satisfaction on AppleInsiders lifetime deal on Babbel after paying the sale price.   I can’t use it at all without purchasing at even a higher price and as a repeating yearly subscription, a license for one of several languages I wanted to learn.  How can you possibly call your offer a lifetime price??  I either want what I was offered or a complete refund. That article had no comments as well when I attempted, and the article then disappeared from your site.  In desperation, I posted a comment under my avatar name with no response on your site   I was in touch with Babbel after an extremely difficult process of finding that opportunity and we’ll within their artificial window of time.  They responded with how to supposedly get to use the software and what they suggested flat out could not possibly work. The code they gave was for a page that had no place to enter a code.  Now weeks after those attempts that took too many hours, I would supposedly be out of Babbel’s eligible time windo  I made an extraordinary effort and it is not my fault that I “timed out”  I made multiple efforts   It seems scammy even if it isn’t. So, I will never try an AppleInsider offer again unless this is rectified. I will use any possible means to warn other users to boycott AppleInsider offers if this turns out to be made difficult by you or your affiliates, in order for one or all of companies involved to profit at users’ expense.  Please do not post this personal information: I can be contacted at [email protected].net Or mobile 602-499-4224 I purchased and paid with the account name James A Keyser. I also go by my initials of JAK or Jak Keyser. PREVIOUS COMMUNICATION ATTEMPT TO APPLEINSIDER ON NOVEMBER 15, 2021: I paid for the lifetime subscription to Babbel, offered several months ago by AppleInsider. I could not sign in to Babbel and inquired as to the problem. I was told to use a code they sent.  There was no code box several times, and when it appeared, it rejected the code on the many attempts I made, which was within a day or two of paying through AppleInsider offer and again when my bank account was debited.  When I finally got in, I couldn’t do anything but pay for a yearly subscription.  Huh?  I feel scammed or at least have no one to appeal this to.  Unless AppleInsider can get me what I paid for.  I couldn’t start a post from the comments page, but will post this once comments appear.  If comments are closed, I’ll post it in other articles to warn others of problems and no fulfillment of offer.  Or worse, an offer covering up that it’s not a usable lifetime subscription.  - clear


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