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  • Pair found guilty of trying to defraud Apple of more than $3 million

    ronn said:
    Not very effective if it took Apple more than two years to "prevent this exact thing" from working out for the criminals' benefit into the millions. It's greed that got them caught, not robust systems in place to catch fraud of this nature. Criminals are always dum-dums driven by greed.
    Apple may have noticed the first attempt.  Apple and law endorsement would also want to discover others involved both here and the supplier of the fakes—and any other recipients of the fake phones elsewhere in the world.  That could easily take two years considering it’s international.  
    I’m not sure why you jumped to assume it took Apple two years to ‘prevent’ this. Apple and law enforcement couldn’t blow their cover.  They most likely intercepted sales of the phones and likely recovered most of the money. 
  • Apple could be just a year away from being worth $4 trillion

    I’ve been invested in the market, especially Apple/AAPL, for over 20 years.  
    Over that time I have read analysts’ comments on AAPL.  Almost all consistently under-rated AAPL. 

    Along came Daniel Ives, and he has been consistently good on his analysis and seeing where Apple was headed in product, demand and AAPL pricing.  On three occasions of large market correction or the recession of 2008–2009, he was only a little behind me in seeing that Apple had developed into a port-in-the-storm, recovering well ahead of other stocks. I pondered the $4-trillion mark in November with some back-of-the-envelope calculations plus seeing hints of positive variance in upgrade cycles, subscription/service expansions and product pipelines along with function expansion of existing products. Then in December he posed the $4-trillion target.  I’ll be happy. 
  • Jon Stewart became a problem for Apple TV+

    pembroke said:
    Need to ask this somewhere….

    iOS 17.3.1 …. Apple have removed the symbols for male and female but have retained the symbol for Transgender (sic) ⚧️. 

    This is creepy. What on earth are Apple doing? This is remarkably idiotic and a game changer for me as an owner of many iPhones since inception. But I WILL switch to Android if Apple persists on this gaslighting nonsense. 
    Aren’t these emojis universal? Which is good, so they show up on exchange across platforms.    So you’ll find them on Android too.  
  • How to share an Apple Vision Pro with a guest user

    rax_mark said:
    The Vision Pro feels like the most personal Apple device till date, with all of the processes and peripherals required. I don't think Apple truly intended for it to be a shared device.
    Intention to be shared? Yes, indeed.  It’s the best way for ‘word-of-mouth’ to spread adoption.  

    In my personal experience, many of my friends look to me for the latest on things Apple. The executive suite of a university got to try my original iPhone and fell in love with it.  Before long everyone in the executive suite and the staff had gotten an iPhone in 2007 and 2008.   And they shared them to still more people. It spread like wildfire. The same thing happened with the iPad. 

    When the Mac came out, and I was in the world of graphics, marketing and advertising as well as printing, I got the Mac SE several years later. I lugged it around to show its interface with its formed fonts along with laser printer output. Adoption followed years later when professional applications came out along with postscript film output.  That initial sharing kept their interest and resulted in earlier adoption.  

    But as you observed, the Vision Pro (VP) is more personal in use—as in one user only at a time. Yet it’s so easy to demo to curious friends.
    I have a number of friends who would rather see my Vision Pro and try it, rather than go out of their way to go to an Apple Store for a demo appointment. As of my three ‘sharings’ in one day so far, it’s dropping jaws. 

    It’s easy to share as the article points out.  It’s a good thing that it recognizes a different set of eyes ( iris biometrics) so that it does a quick eye and hand calibration with each new viewer.  Then they get an excellent experience.  Apple got the calibration routine accurate and short.  While the lens inserts might not be spot on for the shared viewer, just as it wasn’t on my demo, it’s still looks great with a wow factor.  When I got my own VP with my reader correction lenses, it was all the better than the demo for me.

    Apple might “under-market” this a bit at first and rely on some word-of-mouth and earned media attention, while inevitable tweaks in OS updates as well as more Apps and movies come out.
    There will be more use cases come out such as sports (e.g. Disney ESPN content), games and instructional 3D videos emerge.  As production ramps up, I will hazard a guess that after WWDC in June, that the marketing campaign will increase this coming Summer and Fall.  Instructional 3D content might become big with online education. Adobe is partnering with Apple to support the Vision Pro. Adobe FireFly and Lightroom already support VP. 

    So to get back to the original topic, sharing will do a lot of heavy lifting for word-of-mouth and the adoption rate not only for the novelty but for different use cases.  Having an actual demo through sharing or an Apple demo will make folks much more receptive to future advertising.

    i hope AppleInsider does an article on screen sharing to an iPad, whereby I can see what my friend who is trying my VP is seeing, so I can offer guidance.

    On a side note of talk about high price limiting market size: There’s a huge market of people ranging in the 100’s of thousands that pay $3,000 to $10,000 for season tickets for the 4 major pro sports leagues and millions of people that have spent $3500 or much more for very large, high-quality TVs and sound systems. I wouldn’t rule out one of the biggest market drivers of adoption of VCRs in the 1980s and internet in late 1990s — adult content. We’ll be quiet about that though, yet it will happen. 
  • Most older iPhones, Macs, and iPads are vulnerable to a new GPU security flaw

    If you had sensitive data that might reside in cache in the GPU, could you render 1 minute of non-sensitive video to flush any sensitive data in the cache, immediately after dealing with sensitive data? 
    Or is it concurrent data that is in GPU at the same time as a bad-actor App is running?
    I’m guessing it’s the later. The first guess would be hit or miss proposition as to getting targeted sensitive data. 
    I may be totally off base here—can anyone comment?