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  • 2018 iPad Pro getting push from new Apple promotional page

    entropys said:
    I can’t fathom why Apple hasn’t really tried to make iPad better at being a PC than PCs. All it really needs is file management and proper and broad peripheral support that allows it to play well with networks etc.

    In other words, play well with others.
    I’d guess that it’s not just a file system for the iPad, but a file system that will work on the evolution of iOS to an ARM A-series desktop as well as on the iPad. Give it a year or so. It’s probably been under development and testing for many, many years.  It’s that difficult to create a file system interface we can live with for a decade or more.

    Have a little patience. Apple won’t want to just recreate the Mac on an iPad, nor have an escalated iOS file system that is not well designed to work in the iPad & iPhone ecosystem of Apps.

    The annnouncemt that a full Photoshop is coming to iPad this year in 2019, is an indication of an important long time Apple partner, Adobe, knows and has faith in the future power of the A-series chip development and an evolving or redesigned file system and interface. Adobe, by the way, is also grappling with file naming when using a cloud system for storage and syncing, as it’s CC cloud version of Lightroom does not yet let you name files. Only their Classic desktop Lightroom alllows you to name a file different than the file name the camera assigned.

    And iPad iOS being different than iOS on the iPhone will be tricky—it would be a third OS in the Apple arena in both interface and structure, yet must work well with current Apps and in the iOS and Apple ecosystem. It’s been in the works for some time, no doubt, but needs to be a next generation interface.

    I too, get frustrated by not being able to name a photo in Photos or Lightroom mobile, but that’s due to cloud syncing for multiple devices—do you change across the board or duplicate when syncing? Do you give an option in a dialog? Do you do it singly or in batches; are you connected via cell or Wi-Fi or not? There’s a lot of thought to programming and designing to keep friction low for the user. e.g. Mobile Me, an early attempt by Apple in cloud storage and syncing was a real problem, creating duplicates or worse {my contacts went from 1,100 to 12,000 with some contacts being repeated up to 150 times with others anywhere from 1 to 50 multiplicates. 

    It’s more tricky than you realize when you sync across multiple iOS and Mac OS devices. But it is inevitable and needs to be stellar—as the only problem that will be tolerated is people getting used to it. 

    Just think of what we have to look forward to: a desktop-like file system—for iPads PLUS plug-in powered A-series devices with a fan allowing higher TDP (power and thus heat). The A-series chip with multiple cores and higher power will rock the world in the computing arena. 

  • OWC launches Mercury Helios FX 650 eGPU, new portable storage, USB-C 'ClingOn' cable stabi...

    Isn’t Thunderbolt 3 at about the same speed as the internal bus (PCI Express?). I believe I’ve heard Thunderbolt 4 may be incubating in the labs, but that would imply a new internal bus, wouldn’t it? Or would TB4 just carry more lanes of data?
  • Apple to build $1B campus in Austin, increase employment nationwide

    bwik said:
    Let's assume Apple revenue declines 5% per year for the next 10 years.  Now how much employment growth will there be?

    Even expecting the current revenue level 10 years out is a massive task for Apple.  It is far from certain.
    Apple has a much better track record in forecasting their growth than Wall Street anal-ysts. The quarterly results usually come in between the range of numbers Apple forecast at the previous quarterly investor’s phone call. When quarterly results have disappointed, it’s when they fall short of Wall Street expectations that were too high. It’s pretty amazing how accurate their forecasts are considering the volume they produce and the whims of consumers. 

    Tim Cook was widely considered a supply chain genius when he was brought in to Apple. He and his team have shown a masterly command of orchestrating unprecedented volumes of production of complex products. 

    Apple is in the process of building a third campus near the current two main campuses. It’s been discussed by people familiar with Apple expansion in that area, that Apple is planning a fourth campus at an already owned property. 

    That and the announcement of the Austin expansion with more expansion to come, is a sign to me that they know they need an expanded capacity for future business.  

    Since new product pipelines can be five or more years, I believe there are products and services that we do not know about, but increased business from them are related to the expansion of workspace and workforce. Keep in mind Apple considers themselves to be a design company. The long pipeline is design driven.

    I do hope the doom and gloom folks have egg on their faces with the next quarterly report.

    Stantheman—these expansions are not Foxconn related.  Foxconn has made their own announcements, not Apple.

  • AR Quick Look brings augmented reality to Safari in iOS 12

    gutengel said:
    I'm iOS12 and the AR icon doesn't show neither. I was wondering what programs do they use to import the models. I usually work on SolidWorks and Rhino and I'd love to implements this on my webpage with some of my designs and models.
    They simply export them as usdz files. Any program that supports that can export them. Then simply add them to your webpage and link them to those files. 
    Not mentioned in the article is third partner in the unusually small consortium to create this updated AR usdz file format. That would be Adobe in addition to Apple and Disney/Pixar.  That Adobe was part of this as a content design tools creator is significant.  

    If SolidWorks and/or Rhino do not yet support export in usdz file format, Adobe Photoshop CC latest version may have this capability. If it does, you can export to one of several formats Photoshop can import and then export from Photoshop.  

    I’m not sure of the fidelity of surface mapping and other aspects of your files will come through intact, especially the physics attributes of SolidWorks.  I’ll investigate this later as I am retired from work in several “3D CAD” programs and longtime Photoshop professional.  I ignored trying Photoshop 3D features as 3DStudio MAX and Maya met those needs (for me, both sadly gobbled up by AutoCAD some time ago).

    You can count on Adobe to come up with specialty application(s) and extensions to existing programs to get out in front on AR creation tools as a member of the group that created the usdz file format. 

    If if any of you readers find out what applications adopt or have adopted this file type, please post for our benefit.  

    FYI: this usdz file format is an enhanced version of pre-existing “usd” file format used by Pixar (Universal Scene Description = usd)  fundamental to Pixar’s 3D animation process. The three companies added additional features and compatibility as well as preview-able zip compression (“z” part of file extension). 

    Note to AppleInsider: this is worthy of continued coverage to keep us up-to-date on announcements of any software plans and actual availability of creation tools to create and export usdz files to integrate into content. 
  • First look: Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPower

    The red dot allows for situations where cell phones aren't allowed. They can ask you to turn off your watch or in a security situation, hold it for you during secure meeting or activity. Seems fair to me if they aren't allowing cell phones in those situations.

    As a marketing tool, it will be noticed (it does catch your attention more so than without it and might be a conversation starter) and remembered by nearby people and they will likely learn it's an Apple Watch. 
    It will contribute to the critical mass needed in public visibility to accelerate adoption of the watch much as the iPhone finally took off with critical mass adoption with the 3GS due to its visibility.. 

    The Apple Watch has a faster adoption rate than the iPhone did, but mostly due to iPhone halo effect. The next acceleration will be its visibility in numbers. The iPad had the fastest adoption rate. 

    I think AAPL will break out in the next three quarters due to new products today and those still in the pipeline. The ecosystem keeps increasing in value with this year's products and iOS improvements. The limited availability of the iPhone X will keep sales numbers up in the 2nd fiscal quarter (1st calendar quarter in 2018).  I expect stock price to be much higher by April quarterly report or sooner. I believe the iOS features for the iPad Pro such as file system, more multitouch, and notes features are underestimated in their usefulness to compete with laptops.

    3rd party AR quality Apps will contribute as well as developing health Apps yet to come.
    I'm holding on to my stock as well as buying these products. My life is improved—I'm happy.