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  • We have found the Seagate FreeAgent drives to be completely silent. Have 3, and have never had a problem.
  • Look at the Waterfield Designs sleeves at Customizable as far as pockets, straps, etc. Laptops do not have to be removed from them for TSA inspection. I often carry my laptop in its sleeve right inside a canvas tote bag or regula…
  • Actually, I routinely (maybe monthly or so) delete ALL of the Previous Recipients. Keeps things nice and clean and I don't take a chance on sending something to the wrong recipient. Address book will repopulate the previous recipients as you send …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by jmeyerfail I have a pretty big iPhoto image library, about 20,000 photos. Occasionally, I?d like to dig through all my photos in the finder rather than doing so from within iPhoto. I see no obvious way of doing this.…
  • I use YUM! and like it a lot. One of the main things I like about it is that I can copy and paste into it. Let's say I get an email with a recipe, or I see one in an online newspaper, I can copy the ingredients into it, and then copy the directio…
  • It should download automatically into your iPhoto library. Clicking on it there should open Quicktime for your viewing pleasure. The new quicktime (that came with Snow Leopard) offers a "save as" option to automatically format it for your iPod, iP…
  • Sometimes I copy and paste the text into a text editor, use the search and replace function to search for > and replace it with nothing, and then paste back in to the reply. Takes a bit of time, but it works.
  • Ah, got you all beat by far (even 6 years ago!) -- 63 and on my third iPod -- 32 gig touch 1st gen, now!
  • There is PocketMac for Blackberry (available free on the Blackberry site), but it has problems. Some people get it to work, others (myself included) are not so lucky. Only parts sync. Others use Missing Sync and have success, others not so much. …
  • Here's how you move your music: Here's how you move your photos: Hope this helps!
  • If I were in your shoes, I'd stick with #1. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" Seems like the best/easiest way to do what you want.
  • I second the mapping software request -- but not necessarily one that needs GPS. I used to use Delorme Street Atlas, and it was fabulous! Much better than the MS app. We really need a good mapping app.
  • Generally you would need a print server (Airport, etc.) but some newer printers will print via bluetooth. That may be a good solution for you.
  • Stay out of the finder! iPhoto organizes itself so that it can function. If you do anything to that structure, you risk losing your precious photos! Do anything and everything to/with your photos from within the app itself. Kishan is correct…
  • Must have been in a recent iPod software update, but for the last few weeks, my iPod Touch lists and plays podcasts in chronological order! Was I ever happy to see that! Plays one after the other, oldest first! Also now plays video podcasts in th…
  • It's not as seamless as using iSync or whatever, but I have Verizon and recently bought a Blackberry Curve. You have to use different Blackberry software to sync your calendar and contacts, and you have to move your photos and music manually, but i…
  • Don't get an LG phone -- none of them will sync!
  • Ah, but youhave to have internet access to use Google Earth or Maps. The OP was asking about applications that don't need internet access.
  • The only thing available as far as I know is Route 66, and it is an extremely poor app. I have it, and though it works, it is really rudimentary. I was a user of Delorme Street Atlas, and loved it, but alas, Delorme decided to quit supporting macs…
  • I second the recommendation of the Waterfield sleeves. Really protect your computer, customer service could not be better, quick shipment, etc. You can customize to your liking and the prices are great. I would not buy anything else!