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  • So is this 5th Avenue Apple Store going to be beside the FAO Schwartz? Expensive toys for adults and children, a perfect match!
  • In the dysfunctional early-mid '90s, Apple made all kind of crazy products. Scanners, digital cameras, natural keyboards, external hard drives, external speakers, external CD drives, not to mention a whole line of printers (mostly rebadged Canons…
  • What's tacky about carbon fiber? It's a material, not a fashion trend. Admittedly, what is unspeakably tacky is that fake carbon fiber silver/black checkered look that was slightly popular a few years ago. Real carbon fiber is way too expensive to b…
  • Does technology to allow the holographic display even exist? However, i think the concept is good. When i saw the Bose iPod dock thingy, i immediately thought 'it should have a projection of the iPod's screen onto the wall behind it. That is wel…
  • Nevermind, i figured it out. You have to take the DVDPlayer framework from a pre-10.3.3 Panther install and replace the copy in your /System/Library/Frameworks folder. Then it works.
  • Quote: Originally posted by cybermonkey I think your both right. i checked out the price of ram and for a 512 kingston stick it's a about £90!!! It wasn't too long ago that one of those would of cost £40. The only other conclusion is what a_gr…
  • Nice looking mockups, but i'm 99.9% sure you just saw a regular Cinema Display reflecting the light funny or something. It's not the first time that the Cinema Display has been mistaken for aluminum in a photo. I do not think many people at Apple…
  • Quote: Originally posted by onlooker I didn't think the render looked that good at all. It was real blurry with every camera move, but the beams, and stuff was over sharp, and the fire looked like sh*t. That's for starters. THe glasses looked go…
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  • Avoid CitiBank. Their online banking site is broken with Safari, and has been that way for a year. Works ok with Camino though.
  • But... iPods are not personal computers...
  • I was visiting my friend at Yale, and in the electronic music lab (one of them, anyway) there was a cupboard full of old Macworlds... every single one from 1984 to about 1992. It was funny reading. It really makes you grateful for what we take f…
  • Why is everyone so convinced that Adobe hates Macs?
  • ^^ Done. Here's your monkey: Cheers, robo