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  • hmurchison, Thanks for the links. After doing the reading, I see that netboot allows multiple computers to boot off of a central machine. Am I correct to assume that the clients are using the CPU of the central machine from which they have booted…
  • The biological sciences computing facilities at my university are nearly 100% Mac. A new IT manager is PC oriented. The latest suggestion is to shift to PC server-thin client computer labs. I realise there were problems with this configuration in th…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by ecking Yeah NAB makes sense for a new mbp and new fcp suite. Wait in Australia school starts in april? Wow, I thought summer vaction was loosly the same in every developed country. This is news to me. Here in Que…
  • I realise the thin client topic has emerged before, but it seems to be increasingly plausible and provides a direct answer to the query that was originally posted. Apple produces a powerful multi-core workstation, excellent server software that is a…
  • My apologies if this has already been posted, but for those of you interested in heat issues associated with G5 chips, here are some numbers from the Intel top end P4 counterparts. You can't quite boil water, but you might be able to poach an egg! …
  • I think that I have been reading these pages for too long. It made perfect sense to me. Apple is clearing out their stock, so they must be preparing to announce something new. Usually they announce such things on Tuesdays, but that will be out of…
  • Great idea. I see it as an ideal solution in the university environment, both for research laboratories and for computer labs used for teaching. Seamless interaction with PCs would be ideal. Some of my PhD students like to build their own PCs.