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  • Quote: Originally posted by Anders Then what the hell are taking them so long? Icons.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kickaha Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm... I'll bet 5:1 odds that if there actually is a product that they send out, that it's a copy of PearPC in violation of the license, wrapped in a Windows installer. $50 * 200 = a n…
  • Quote: Originally posted by The One to Rescue And how do you shave that? Razor?? Ewwwww! (not that I'm interested by the 2cm thing, of course............. ) I use a Mach 3. It works just fine.
    in Bush Comment by lemon July 2004
  • I had a similar problem with a 5gig iPod. OS 9 was able to fix it. I'm not sure if your iPod would work with OS 9 thought. And do you have to use disk utility to format it? I thought the iPod utility gives you the option to do it too. Althought they…
  • I would check out the refurb section at the Apple store. Right now they have a 1.6 G5 for $1,299. I know your not looking to buy now right now but it is something to keep in mind. And you might be surprised at how much money you can save in schoo…
  • If we have the time to scramble fighters to get to the airliner maybe we should work on how to evacuate large buildings in the planes path. Something like the FAA can sound a evacuation alarm in all large buildings in New York.
  • Quote: Originally posted by BRussell It's pretty well accepted that deficits keep interest rates high: Gov't competes with the private sector to borrow money, which increases demand for money, and therefore keeps interest rates high. High interes…
  • I made my own. It does the heavy lifting. DVD ripping, that's about it. Surfing and e-mail is a Macintosh thing. I can use both..
  • Quote: Originally posted by Outsider People forget that plastics are made from petroleum. And that includes a multitude of household items, fabrics, etc. While true, I would bet 95%+ of our petroleum use goes to auto's and powerplants.
  • I don't do the bible stuff. But, Fellowship ain't so bad. After Zimphire, ohhh.
    in Kindness Comment by lemon November 2003
  • Quote: Originally posted by tonton So you are saying that people who film movies using camcorders in the theater should not be prosecuted? That people who distribute films and music pre-release should get off scott-free? This issue has nothing…
  • Quote: Originally posted by killer2239 Ok, can someone tell me what port ranges they have it enabled to use? I have it to use over like 1000 or 2000 ports, just wanting to know what you all have set to. From the FAQ: -------- I'm behind a…
    in BitTorrent Comment by lemon October 2003
  • http://www.vtweb.com/incense-wholesa...?product=bodhi Look down. Hope that helps..
  • Quote: Originally posted by trumptman So I suppose now we can stop all the wealth redistribution programs and direct the money toward infrastructure? Republicans that I know are just fine with spending for infrastructure. It is when they take …
  • Quote: Originally posted by futuremac do large deficits mean high unemployment? you decide! (requires the free adobe reader) http://www.ibew.com/JusttheFacts0403.pdf Just to add some reasoning behind the graph. We have a pool of money. AK…