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  • Damn, I don't know if I would be worried about the monitor's cable management, if you know what I mean.
  • Sounds a little shady if you ask me. Six weeks? Thanks for the heads up, I was considering a similar upgrade, and now I now it would never be worth that. Let us know if the machine is OK when you get it back.
  • cool...My first impression is that with one processor you could surely find a way to mount two more drives down there (hook em up to a pci ATA card.) lets see more....or better yet, go live with the iSight!
  • Well, I just called the Apple Store at Kenwood Towne Center, and they don't even have a demo model in yet. He thought they might be getting one in later today, but didn't act like many were coming yet. So all of you whiners, complaining that your…
  • Quote: Originally posted by dfiler WIshful thinking. Its takes around 6 hours one way. It definately takes just under 3 hours to get to Columbus. Don't be afraid to leave Pennsylvania. pepper
  • Quote: Originally posted by dfiler In pittsburgh, I'd have to drive 6 hours one way to get to the closest apple store... Go the opposite direction on 70, and you can the whole drive done in 6 hours TOTAL. pepper
  • I think I am gonna go steal Michael Eisner's car. I think he has lost touch with what a "real criminal" is. Walt Disney is my hero, and it makes me so sick to see this pencil pusher using his propaganda as a business tool. Lets just face the facts. …
  • [quote]Originally posted by janitor: If only hicks shop at walmart there must be an awful lot of hicks everywhere Well you are right about that. There ARE an awful lot of hicks EVERYWHERE. It's getting even worse. Its truly sad what people a…
  • [quote]Originally posted by pscates: Wasn't the fat German kid (who fell into the river of chocolate) a boy? The other two snotty kids (well, they all were...except Charley) were girls: Veruca Salt and Violet. But they weren't German. Ahh…
  • [quote]Originally posted by poor taylor: [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: poor taylor ] That about sums it up for you Macintosh! If you actually had more in your life to think about, you wouldn't be such a spoiled rottn crybaby. You should r…
  • Macintosh, you are one spoiled dude. Aren't you getting it for free anyway? Aren't your parents paying for it? Shut the **** UP! , cancel your order, and go find yourself a new hobby. I can't believe how screwed up you are. Why don't you do a tribut…
  • It's a new game for pre-teen boys. pepper
  • Hey Leonis! This doesn't work with every plugin, but I use cross platform rendering for a lot of tasks. Here is a link to get you started:
  • Well I was banned once for using the "dorsal" name. Pretty ridiculous considering I never said anything offensive. Ban me once, ban me twice, I could care less. At least Belle thought my last post was kinda funny. Believe what you want, just realise…