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  • Yup. It's time for Apple to make some G4 'blade' servers. Yeah baby!
  • [quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: Instant Messaging?? AOL Instant Messenger on Mac OS X is a ****ing joke!! I do agree with you. Instant Messaging on a Mac needs to advance a lot. But on the other hand ... ... who the hell needs…
  • If it is only 1GB of data, then just burn it onto two CD-R disks. Maybe borrow a CD burner from a friend. The other way is to use a network. But it a bit more complex.
    in imac Comment by neomac February 2002
  • Hey, I'm a Mac user and I say there is nothing wrong with building a PC. It is actually a lot of fun to do. And if you think about it, except for the motherboard (mobo), CPU and a few IC, the rest of Mac hardware is "PC components". To call them "PC…
  • I would clean it with the decapitated hand of the fuc*er who touched it! teach them a lesson ...
  • [quote] Having A Mac Lover For A School Librarian is SOOO Cool is it just me or did that thread topic make you think he's banging a librarian?
  • All the reviews about the ZR-series indicates that they are a poor choice for consumer DV. They have a problem with shooting in-doors. They don't handle low-light situations well. Sony's Digital-8 series DV camcorders cost from $500 and up. I us…
  • Hey, Blackmagic! where did you get that desk? Is that an Ikea desk? The picture is dark, so it is hard to tell, but is the desk black / drak charcoal? I'd love to know where you got that.
  • iReview and iKids were killed because of low usage by users. iReview died because it wasn't particularly useful. iKids died because it was too combersome, it wasn't marketed at all, and (good) parents just prefer to monitor kids in person - ba…
  • I agree with the column. There are no services online to warrant the bandwidth. 'Near Broadcast quality' video will be achieved with MPEG4. There is no need to increase the bandwidth (for the foreseable future, that is). [ 01-20-2002: Message …
  • Somebody on XLR8yourmac overclocked an G4-867 to 1Ghz when they first came out.
  • For a business magazine, they are extremely sloppy about details. For example, I love this parth: [quote] "Apple now boasts operating margins of about 30% -- triple or quadruple the average for the temporarily downtrodden PC biz. Plus it has $4 …
  • [quote]Originally posted by spindler: Following Macs for a while, you start to see that Apple fans are eternal optimists. It's always wait 'til next quarter or the next product comes out. After a while I gave up my optimism for realism. So I'm g…
  • [quote]Originally posted by bradbower: Whiner. Go get a Dell. Wow, how original! The man has a valid point. 3 months to ship a new computer? It's bad business.
  • I have a digital camera. I bought it only 3 weeks ago. iPhoto takes care of the 'red-eye' (works really well) and organization problems very nicely. i give it * * * * * (5-stars).
  • [quote]Originally posted by Kate: The new iMac is dangerously high priced even if better (and even more expensive, no doubt) PowerMacs are to come. It is not high priced as a designer desktop pc, but for an entry consumer piece it is I think. Ex…
  • I'm impressed that Apple spends that kind of money on R&D in the first place. It's a hell of a lot of money for a company with only $6 billion in sales. [vader] impressive [/vader] Let's hope that extra $50 million is for swank ne…
  • Apple officially declared the stores would suffer a 'slight loss' months ago, during a netcast financial meeting that took place after Sep. 11. Before Sep 11., Apple officially expected to break even on the stores. Ain't nothing new here. i'm mor…
  • COOL! I like this new sidebar a lot! It adds a lot more visibility to their third-party product offerings. More crowded? Yes. But it looks like there is still some fit & finish to do on it.
  • I have said this all along, MOSR is actually run by the Taliban -- how else can explain the pure bullsh*t on that site -- and now that Kandahar has fallen the servers have been destroyed.