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  • Quote: Originally posted by Anim8r I have posted a small gallery at my .mac site. Nothing shocking just more pics. The power button does not glow (sorry). The security device is built into the latch for the side (Ive rocks) The power cord i…
    in G5 Pictures Comment by bih August 2003
  • Oh yea, sorry I should have explained. They were taken by some other guy over on MacAddict forums. See the link above.
    in G5 Pictures Comment by bih August 2003
  • Disappointment is a silent killer of souls. Maybe those of you that are waiting for a powerbook update should buy a G5 or something. Then you can sell it when powerbooks are shipping.
  • Does anyone think they will just change all Dual 2.0 orders to Dual 1.8's? That would be crappy.
  • Quote: Originally posted by inkhead Actually I was trying to be helpful. The only thing you've managed to accomplish is to post "Lamest Post Ever." I'm not Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a figurehead, a CEO of a company. Everybody refers to him li…
  • Er, I GUESS lime green would be, er, cool. Ehh...
    in The Paris Expo Comment by bih July 2003
  • What is included in Studio MX and how much is the student version?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Anonymous Karma Code: while (powerbook.specifications == powerbook.oldspecifications[yesterday]) { struct ai_username* user; struct ai_post* post; user = ai_create_user(randomname()); post = generate_powerbook_p…
  • So it's the day after tomorrow, and still no new powerbooks. I guess they won't come out until I drop 2 grand for one of the current ones.
  • Quote: Originally posted by hmurchison I'll let Junkyard Dawg suck his own D***K if this becomes true Since when did D**K have 5 letters?
  • I'll second that prediciton.
  • Maybe it's never been done before because it would be akward and unfeasible, but I thought it would be great if a laptop screen was mounted like the iMac's flat panel display. It could turn and twist just like the imac, and when you are in an airpl…
  • iSight -> iPod might be coming, look here:[email protected]
  • 1. Big server type machine that comes with 5-10 'thin clients', that are just keyboard/lcd/airportcards. 2. Panther, but it doesn't look like the leaked screens from last night. 3. G5's 4. New DevTools :-)
  • I posted a mirror on my homepage:
  • Hmm, say what you will about some of MacMice's products (some are kind of rediculous), but the iBreeze is pretty cool.
  • Dearr Steve: The powermac g4 is too slow Steve: Hmm, he's right. Guys, make the next powermac 5 times as fast. Thanks.
  • Holy fricking shit.
  • My predictions: Hypertransport demo Panther demo The 'boxes' showing up at apple stores are speed bumped 15.4 inch powerbooks The 'mystery' boxes are promotional materials for panther Read: a buzz kill
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