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  • auslander -- That email I just got was actually from her. It looks like she decided to email rather than call.
  • Just received this from someone at the ADC hardware store: "Hi: The demand for this item has exceeded our expectations. We will be shipping them as quickly as possible, but cannot meet the ship date we previously estimated for you. We now ex…
  • I just called Apple's Enterprise division (ADC) and when I told her my ship date, the woman said it was from an update that got sent through the system with a large number of "false" dates. She took my name and telelphone number and is going to cal…
  • Just as an update, I'm still getting "On or before 7/30" ... BTO with bluetooth, 1GB, 6800 ... Ordered 7/12 through ADC. I expect my delay email tomorrow.
  • Merovingian -- If I wasn't a little durnk right now I would...but I can tell you that the viewing angle on these things is great. Tilting at 45 right now and there is a *slight* drop in brightness...but color does not change at all. And the bri…
  • I just called and changed my video card from the 9800XT to the Nvidia 6800 DDL. Shipping page still shows 7/30, but the girl on the phone explicitly told me it should be arriving around 8/18. I ordered through ADC.
  • anthony -- I've been using my 23" to play Quake3 while I wait for my G5 and Doom3. Technically, the monitor is great for gaming. 1920x1200 resolution and 16ms rise/fall times. It will take a bit of getting used to though. First off, it's w…
  • If you have a Nvidia 6800 in there, it's not going to ship until late august...unless things have changed..?
  • I'm using my PowerBook until my 2.5gHz ships. You just buying the stock model? Or BTO?
  • Got mine yesterday.. http://www.base2.org/~fugimax/weblog...es/000180.html Anyone have a good place to find 1920x1200 wallpaper?
  • I have the 15" with the 64mb of video ram. It seems to be running the 23" + the 15" pretty well. It does seem like there is some strain driving both displays...but my G5 is coming soon...so no worry.
  • I just watched a DVD on this thing...holy crap. Amazing. O_o I also find it extremely easy to get lost in an iTunes visualization. The only "problem" I have so far is trying to find a good 1920x1200 wallpaper.
  • Just drove quite a ways to pick up a 23" You can check out some pics here: http://www.base2.org/~fugimax/weblog...es/000180.html It's great so far. And huge...very huge.
  • Will Apple retail stores honor edu prices? Or do you have to buy over the web for that?
  • Ya...when our watercooling busts open and squirts all over, we'll have an easy time getting it replaced. As for Apple delaying...ya, I have a feeling that will happen. I hope not, of course, but ordering a new G5 this late in the game...and get…
  • I should mention that I bought my G5 through ADC.. The difference was slight ($15 more than newegg or owc). A premium I'll pay to have guaranteed working RAM. Why the chances are minimal of anything going wrong if I put my own RAM in, I'd rath…
  • Just ordered mine today.. Dual 2.5gHz 9800 XT 160GB SATA 1 GB RAM Bluetooth Ships "On or before 7/30/2004"
  • Someone up above was complaining about not being able to do a bunch of tracks at once. As a recommendation, and this may be obvious, but once you've finished parts of the song that aren't going to change (drums and bass maybe...and some ambient stu…
  • First, great tracks so far! I feel left out, so I'm going to violate the rules and post a track I made using Soundtrack. The loops are probably somewhat different from those available in GarageBand, but my assumption is they are compatible with ea…
  • You've all forgotten the *biggest* reason not to remove Mach. It's from Carnegie Mellon.