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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Marvin That's normal, all the more modern Mac have shorter grab distances. I'm not entirely sure why they changed it but I've noticed it comparing older to newer machines. Thank you. That is good to know that nothin…
  • If Apple actually had to pay eight million dollars to another company then that tells me that they were indeed guilty of infringing on that other companies patent or patents. I don't believe that any company should be allowed to do and get away with…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by elroth They should have to download their copies from the Mac App store like the rest of us peons. Absolutely! Why don't they just do it like they have told us to do it? Show us how easy and simple it is. This seems…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor_Mac In the great rush of slobbering speculation of new Thunderbolt hardware, one machine is noticeably absent, namely, the MacBook. It has been well over a year since it's last refresh and I'm really curious if…
    in MacBooks? Comment by larryc July 2011
  • Chucker I wish that I had a digital camera so that I could show you how my compaq's memory is situated. It's ingenious, and takes up hardly any room at all. I'm sure that Apple could do the same. I'd really like to see Apple give customers a c…
  • I have a Compaq laptop that uses PC 266 DDR-SODIMM. It has two memory slots hat work just damn fine. There is no excuse or reason that I am aware of that Apple has to have one RAM chip soldered into place. 128MB of RAM permanently occupying one o…
  • Mackie, your luck sounds alot like mine
  • I received a phone call from a guy at the Apple store today. He started out by telling me that I was a preferred customer with a standing line of credit and that I had received a coupon for $25 off of any purchase at the Apple Store. I told him my n…
  • My apologies Murbot, I'm kinda new here. It won't happen again. I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to respond to my post. Your replies have taught me some things and it has given me some stuff to think about. LarryC
  • Thank you for the feedback Towel, I was unaware that you could not boot into OS 9 on the current iBooks. I really do wish that Apple would end the practice of soldering one RAM chip into place on the iBooks. Larry