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  • Apple avoids iPhone import ban as ITC rejects Qualcomm patent infringement claims [u]

    I’m really confused here.  Other articles are saying an ITC Judge MaryJoan McNamara ruled that Apple did violate a Qualcomm patent and faces a possible import ban. I know there are several court cases happening now, perhaps AI  could help by doing an article that maps them out. 
  • Editorial: Senator Warren's stance on big tech breakup is dangerous politics

    I think the  blanket statement by Warren proves how niave she it about tech.  A couple of posts here mention the AT&T breakup and, while I believe overall it was a good thing, it did not come without costs.  The current SPAM call epidemic we are seeing could have its roots in the breakup since AT&T no longer controls end to end security.  This allows caller ID spoofing and making the originator of the calls difficult to trace hence the many we get. My point is tech is complicated and a simple blanket “cure” could cause more problems than it creates. Oh and any product a company produces has certain limitations. For example, I might like the design of the Ford Explorer but the economy of a Chevy engine but I am forced to choose one or the other because I can’t have a Chevy engine in a Ford (disclaimer: I not saying a Chevy engine is more economical than a Ford one, am using it for illustration purposes).
  • These are the most exciting products coming to Apple's HomeKit home automation platform in...

    Apple needs to buy Insteon or build a z-wave bridge.  Since I bought a HomePod, I’ve expanded my HomeKit devices but found the underlying connectivity of WiFi or Bluetooth just too unreliable.  Putting a WiFi device inside a metal box (Leviton Decora Wall switches in an electrical box) isn’t the best way to ensure reliable connections.  Insteon has built a repeater technology that uses both over-the-air and through the wire signaling for just this purpose.  That is the type of backbone Apple needs to get more reliable operation in home automation. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to hear Siri say “Some of you devices are not responding” when asking Siri to turn off a light.  On a side note, the HomePod’s ability to correctly hear me though all kinds of background noise is simple amazing. This ability really shows off HomeKit’s advantages.