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  • Inside macOS Sierra: Siri on the desktop

    Siri is useless, it doesn't understand simple tasks. I just tested it trying to send an email to myself and it failed to recognise or understand what I was saying in order to complete the request, Google's voice recognition system is miles ahead. Apple need to get of their lazy arse hand get on with it as this is becoming a major component of tech.
    Sorry, I didn't understand you. 
  • AT&T debuts data plans without overages ahead of 'iPhone 7' launch

    In other news, AT&T is still overpriced, and their coverage still sucks. Oh, and if you're grandfathered into one of their "unlimited" data plans and you think you're getting a deal, write down your usage patterns, do the math and compare with T-Mobile. You'll be horrified by how much you've been overpaying all these years for inferior service.
    as much as I think AT&T greedy... T-Mobile is worse.  They are simply dishonest crooks.  After months of phone calls which kept going in circles,  I had file a BBB complaint on them just to get my money back after I did a trial which only lasted a week due to poor coverage.  Their system can NOT put money back on your credit card, they apply it as T-Mobile service credit.  What good is that if you quit their service?  Its a sham.   Word of advice. Don't buy any equipment from them and Stay away from T-Mobile Post Paid until are 100% sure coverage works with prepaid everywhere you need to use it.  You have been warned. 
  • Apple Pay exceeding expectations with 400 percent user growth in 2016

    Was in Iceland for 2 weeks this past month. I used Apple Pay everywhere. I was shocked.  
  • Apple uses platform dominance to 'lock out' competition, says Elizabeth Warren

    apple ][ said:
    Isn't this the psycho that was trumping up Hilary?

    Yep, the fake Indian. They'll make a great team.
    Hilary's team doesn't have to be great. The way the polls are going, Trump's mouth is Hillary's best asset. Which is sad. If this election is won by the Democrats, which seems to be the trend per the polls for last few weeks; it will not be a result of what Hillary said to inspire people, but instead because of what came out of Trump's mouth.  He doesn't know when to shut up.  
  • Apple uses platform dominance to 'lock out' competition, says Elizabeth Warren

    this maybe true, but is it really unique to Apple?