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  • San Bernardino shooter's iPhone may hold evidence of 'dormant cyber pathogen,' DA says

    fear not, all iPhones are equipped with anti "dominant cyber pathogen" feature.  Simply type "1234" ten times into the lock screen and the pathogen will be neutralized.  You are welcome.
  • Sling TV, AMC poised to bring apps to fourth-gen Apple TV [u]

    I guess the person who leaked the email did not read the part about disclosing  the email is prohibited. lol
  • US AG Lynch says FBI not asking Apple to break into iPhone, simply disable 'password blocker'

    yes, very "interesting" technical issues indeed.   You may want to spend some more time on that one to better answer your own question.

  • Watch Republicans Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz side with FBI in Apple encryption debate

    snova said:
    I remember after the 911 attack, George Bush was asked "Why were we attacked?" His answer was "Because there are some people out there  that don't like freedom."  I still don't understand this.. why would people commit suicide because they don't like freedom?

     I think its important for people to value their privacy and liberty, first and foremost.   One day they may find we have a different government than we do now run by a guy named Heart, Spade, or whatever their is name that is completely a control freak and convinces people to give them absolute power over the military and all personal electronic communication to keep an eye out of unrest from within.    Some, people forget what happened recently in the Ukraine.  One day your government is on your side, the next day they are shooting your citizens in the streets for protests and labeling citizens terrorists,  and the day after that those "terrorists" are over throwing  the corrupt government and risking their lives to give the country back to its citizens  and setting up a new leader.  How would this work if people's ability to communicate openly amongst themselves as peers work if common forms of communication was being intercepted by the government. People assume the the majority Germany citizens favored the Nazi's. That wasn't the case actually, it was about who had political power and access to the military and a control freak taking charge.  Likewise people assume the majority of Russian and Chinese citizens favor the current governments.  Likewise, this is false.  The majority of Russian and Chinese citizens already talk and write in "code" to each other about their government and things they don't want the government to know about their own beliefs.   If we take this privacy and liberty away from US citizens and we may setup the making of another dictatorship.
     Protect the country you love and don't forget its for the people, by the people.. not politicians who gain power through hatred, fear (terrorism) and fascism. I fear it may happen here.  No offense to my GOP peers, but some of these guys scare me big time in how much control they want to have our others. It could happen. Now is not the time to be giving out privacy and liberty.   this is our insurance policy in case Trump wins (or someone like him) and he turns out to be the next Hilter.  Not saying he will, but just in case.
    Here's a concise explanation that is often overlooked because it presents a simple truth that the "mainstream" refuses to acknowledge:

    US policies (which have been interventionist for many decades) have given rise to people who only know the US as invading forces and meddlers in their local politics.
    thanks that was an interesting read.  I did some quick searches and I found this video which seems to align what you have provided and what other posters have said:

  • Watch Republicans Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz side with FBI in Apple encryption debate

    Anyone else see they irony of this definition of terrorism?:

    "the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. Terrorism has been practiced by political organizations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and religious groups, by revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such as armies, intelligence services, and police."

    so I got to wonder. Who's acting like a terrorist on the topic?