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  • Editorial: If you can't see a market for the new iPod touch, you aren't looking very hard

    It has A10 because architecturally and cost wise that must be the sweet spot. Yes, A11 and A12 are better still in terms of speed, etc. But architecturally by A10 there is already multiple-cores (especially, including different ones for high performance or better efficiency) and it has decent graphics (A10X is good enough for 4K AppleTV) and some basic AI capabilities for machine learning and AR (although no neural engine?). So probably the best bang for the buck for a "new" lower end model. Probably faster than 80% of the Android models released out on the market this year (all the non-flagships, like Pixel 3a). With iPad and iPod apple does have mid-tier products that are "new". And for iPhone it will just keep selling the iPhone 7 / 7+ to satisfy the mid-tier with A10. Isn't this exactly what Apple should be doing to diversify?
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  • Honor's new View 10 phone brings iPhone X-style Animoji to Android

    VRing said:

    Huawei and fellow Chinese phonemakers Oppo and Xiaomi are expected to adopt 3D sensors on upcoming 2018 models, following in the footsteps of the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera. 
    Huawei already announced their system a week or so back, but it's not being used in the V10 (,100794.html).

    It looks rather similar to Apple's system, no surprise there. It can capture 300,000 points in under 10 seconds (iPhone X does 30,000 points, but in a shorter amount of time). Huawei also claims their system will unlock in 0.4 seconds.

    If it works as well as they claim, and that's an "if", then it would seem they're able to catch up to the hardware in a pretty short amount of time. Huawei also has a Neural Processing Unit as part of their Kirin 970 that's considerably more powerful than Apple's Neural Engine in the A11 Bionic, so all that remains is the software.
    Can you provide me with a reference that the Kirin 970 neural processing unit is considerably more powerful than Apples Neural Engine?
  • Apple developing dedicated AI chip called Apple Neural Engine

    Nice hear about AI chip!  Maybe Siri will begin to be able to understand and carry out searches with the new IA chip!  It is so stupid otherwise.  Alexa and Google Assistant is so much better at everything.
    How well does Alexa and Google Assistant understand your request when you ask in Spanish? French? Japanese? Mandarin?  Cantonese? Russian? Hebrew? Arabic? ...

    Are Alexa and Google Assistant really so much better at everything???
  • Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro ahead of Apple Mac & iPad Pro refreshes

    Surface has a huge advantage over any iPad: mouse cursor. No way iPads will be taken seriously in businesses until it behaves as a proper computer, as Apple claims they are. This coming from an Apple fan. 

    Do you have an iPad? If you have the software keyboard showing, use two fingers on the keyboard area and the keyboard area turns into a giant touchpad to move a cursor within the current text box.
    On latest iPhones force touch in the keyboard area similarly activates it as a touchpad. 
    What else would you need a mouse cursor for? If you want to move to a different area use your finger and touch where you want to go. 
    Are people aware that soft keyboard can be turned into giant touch pad to move cursor? It was a revelation to me when I discovered this. Made it very easy to precisely move around in a text box. 

  • Microsoft & Harman Kardon take aim at Apple, Amazon & Google with 'Invoke' smartspeaker

    If Apple wants to get into smartspeaker in the home they may still be able to wait until this fall. Especially if they improve Siri by then and have something like a touch bar / camera to augment voice interaction.
    Current entrants are all still in their infancy with support for US (and some U.K. & Germany). With Siri, Apple could roll out to China, Korea, Japan, Australia and most of Europe and North and South America. Nearly world-wide reach and special interface could be the Unique Selling Point.