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  • iCloud outages resolved after nearly every Apple service went down globally

    Appleish said:
    All roads lead to Putin.
    You are likely not wrong, unfortunately.
  • Tim Cook, other CEOs urge Congress to pass citizenship path for Dreamers

    This administration is colluding with Big Tech to deny the American People their voice, and people like Cook are advocating for illegals to get a free pass?

    Remember, they hate you.
    Careful, AppleInsider is part of the media. You don’t want them to report you to the Gheshtappo err at mean FBI as a subversive.
  • HBO Max ditches tvOS API for homegrown solution, chaos ensues

    Ok, so I was having a ton of issues with the HBO app before the most recent update. It would hang, crash, freeze and was generally unusable. It seemed to be mostly related to closed captioning too. It would stop displaying the closed captioning, crash, then when I restarted the app, it would come back up but be switched to the Spanish sub-titles. It was flakey and infuriating.

    The app at least seems stable now.

    Does anyone know if tvOS apps are also subject to the privacy nutrition labels and other privacy changes that iOS apps are now subject too?

    Also, is it possible that the devs at HBO are just so bad that they could not figure out how to code to the Apple APIs correctly and decided to take the dreaded cross platform route instead?
  • OLED could replace TFT screens on iPads in 2022

    I hate to ask this of the OP. But, isn’t the new 2021 12.9” iPad Pro still a TFT LCD?  The only thing that really changed was the backlight tech. It’s not like Apple introduced a Micro-LED display. MicroLED displays combined the great characteristics of an OLED display with the potential for refresh rates and no burn in of TFT LCD displays.

    Apple has been rumored to be working on MicroLED for a few years now. 
  • If you can't convert a file into a PDF, maybe you shouldn't be writing laws about technolo...

    I have read a lot from Apple insider. Most of the time you’re pretty levelheaded. But this has to be one of the single most biased articles I’ve ever read coming from your site. It’s obvious that you hate anyone who is even remotely conservative. But do you have to make it quite so blatant. If you really want to look at the issue of the social media companies and section 230. Then perhaps we should also look at the other side of the argument which is that they are ruled by an overly liberal biased side of “fact checkers“ who think they are the arbiters of what is true and what is not. Just because you disagree with it doesn’t make it not true and just because you agree with it doesn’t make it true.

    I guess it’s all the rage to jump into a political discussion and then cut off the comments, but can we try and stick to technology for a little while and leave the politics out of this bullshit.