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  • 'Over the Rainbow' composer's estate sues Apple & others over 'pirated' music sales

    The defendant list seems to be rather short, for instance Spotify is not mentioned. One interesting attribute of the defendants seems to be that they are profitable. 
  • Apple TV Channels arrive on third-generation Apple TV and in tvOS 12.3 update

    My only question is what user of the Apple TV, the device shared amongst several family plan users, will be used for recommendations? If it’s the logged in user and Apple has not addressed the fact that many people use the Apple TV then Tim Cook’s assertion that Apple is family friendly is a sham and they have failed the family friendly part of their ecosystem. 

    BTW, are any of the AppleInsider reviewers going to address this issue? 
  • Here's how to get started with your new Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

    One glaring omission in the current Apple TV app is that it’s based around the mindset of a single person per device baked into iOS. Yet Apple TV is a device watched by and with significant others, spouses, kids or family in general. 

    When you want to use the recommendations from the TV app to watch a show, who’s watching information will be used? When you want to watch a purchased movies or shows whose purchase list will be used? When your kids are watching, will they get inappropriate recommendations based on adult viewing habits? 

    All this should have been solved with the introduction of Apples Family Plan yet Apples solutions are, at best, hacks. Family Plan purchases should be consolidated into a single list on a shared device but Apples current implementation makes each list separate and hard to find with their antiquated and very un-family friendly plan UI process of having to go into the settings and change one of the account logins or ferreting out some obscure UI menu selection for other family members. 

    Then what do you do for recommendations when multiple family members are watching? Apple needs a way to handle this as well. Maybe consolidating the viewing  recommendations of several family plan members into a single list. 

    Apple claims to be family friendly but in this they have failed to live up to that statement IMO. 

  • Apple's shutdown of Facebook's internal apps was a light punishment for a repeat offender

    mike54 said:
    I wish Apple would go after Goophabet in a similar, if not more assertive, manner. 

    What follows is the best description of how Goophabet works I’ve ever read. Patrick Berlinquette fleshes out what “monetizing users’ data” in simple and clear language. Why is this not all over the Internet?!
    Thanks for the links. Very Google.
    Google is in fact worse than Facebook.
    You’re welcome. I agree — Google is worse than FB, but they’re both horrible. I don’t do FB, and I avoid anything Google-related at all costs, including use DDG for search. We need to educate people how these evil companies work. 
    Unfortunately Google is so pervasive it’s next to impossible to cut them out:
  • Apple in 2019 and the case of the expensive iPhone

    ksec said:
    $50 dollar a month over 24 months that is $1200, or $25 dollars a month for 4 years. There are lots of people can afford that. So it really isn't the price., or $1000. It is the value on offering.

    Imagine Apple has a iPhone XS with solid battery, giving you 2.5x the battery life, and a fast full charge in less than 30min, doesn't degrade after 3 years of use, and rise the price again by $100 to $1099, would people still bitch about it? ( They would ) but it gives lots of reason for people to buy it. It was a functional improvement that user are willing to pay.     

    I have argued again and again, it is not the price, but the value proposition from Apple is declining in all of their product lines.
    Charge times have to do with physics and safety. And the XS hasn’t been out 3 years.