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  • Disgruntled HomePod owners say firmware update alters sound quality

    Worse than that it changed the color of my HomePod from Space Gray to White. 
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  • 'Over the Rainbow' composer's estate sues Apple & others over 'pirated' music sales

    The defendant list seems to be rather short, for instance Spotify is not mentioned. One interesting attribute of the defendants seems to be that they are profitable. 
  • Here's how to get started with your new Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

    One glaring omission in the current Apple TV app is that it’s based around the mindset of a single person per device baked into iOS. Yet Apple TV is a device watched by and with significant others, spouses, kids or family in general. 

    When you want to use the recommendations from the TV app to watch a show, who’s watching information will be used? When you want to watch a purchased movies or shows whose purchase list will be used? When your kids are watching, will they get inappropriate recommendations based on adult viewing habits? 

    All this should have been solved with the introduction of Apples Family Plan yet Apples solutions are, at best, hacks. Family Plan purchases should be consolidated into a single list on a shared device but Apples current implementation makes each list separate and hard to find with their antiquated and very un-family friendly plan UI process of having to go into the settings and change one of the account logins or ferreting out some obscure UI menu selection for other family members. 

    Then what do you do for recommendations when multiple family members are watching? Apple needs a way to handle this as well. Maybe consolidating the viewing  recommendations of several family plan members into a single list. 

    Apple claims to be family friendly but in this they have failed to live up to that statement IMO. 

  • 'Dysfunctional' analysts 'cut and run' from Apple results call, says Jim Cramer

     "Analysts had their tails between their legs. They cut and run."

    So have the negative Apple hater forum users. Tails between their legs, heh. 
  • Apple's new 11- & 12.9-inch iPad Pros sport a massive redesign and gain Face ID, USB-C

    mario said:
    Give us Terminal, filesystem, Xcode and it could become viable computing device. Until then, this is glorified facebook machine.
    Add in floppy drive and liquid cooling as long as we’re going for completely useless additions. 
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  • Healthcare tech firm Epic Systems says it won't consider any Apple buyout offer

    This s one of the most pretzel logic ways of patting oneself on the back I’ve ever read. It literally makes no sense. 
  • Editorial: Could Apple's lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear?...

    Good article. “Good enough” will always be popular with the budget crowd, which uses price as the primary purchase consideration. Affordable luxury brands like Apple will continue to do fine with those who do not select based on price alone, and consider the value derived from better built systems and devices. 

    This is fine. There will always be both, likely in any product category from smartphones to hammers. Tho only in this product category will we see the price people creating accounts and posts to spin the narrative of decreasing sales to somehow imply their knockoff brands are “winning”. 
    Categorizing people into a single group and making sweeping statements of their habits doesn’t portray reality I know many members of the budget crowd and they own iPhones. I also know people that don’t care about the cost and could readily own an iPhone that have androids.
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  • Apple TV Channels arrive on third-generation Apple TV and in tvOS 12.3 update

    My only question is what user of the Apple TV, the device shared amongst several family plan users, will be used for recommendations? If it’s the logged in user and Apple has not addressed the fact that many people use the Apple TV then Tim Cook’s assertion that Apple is family friendly is a sham and they have failed the family friendly part of their ecosystem. 

    BTW, are any of the AppleInsider reviewers going to address this issue? 
  • Citigroup bailed on Apple Card because of worries about profits

    maestro64 said:
    rob53 said:
    "Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced new legislation Thursday to cap credit card interest rates at 15%, a move that they said will help protect consumers from the "greed" of the credit card and banking industries."

    USA Today, May 9, 2019

    Before people start screaming about this being political, just think about what AI is saying in this article about Citigroup. Credit Card companies are today's LEGAL loansharks and very few people in our government are doing anything to stop it. 

    "Goldman Sachs seeks to disrupt consumer finance by putting the customer first," claimed a Goldman Sachs spokesman. "We are excited for customers to use Apple Card, which is designed to help people take control of their financial lives."

    At least there is one company trying to buck the trend. I'm sure Goldman Sachs and Apple are still making some money on this deal but like medical insurance companies, there's no reason why credit cad companies should be making a vulgar amount of money doing practically nothing.
    I will tell you again, like the last time you brought this up, you only pay interest if you are buying things you can not afford. If you use a CC to delay payment by 30 days and use someone else money for 30 days and pay it off then you do not pay interest. This is not a hard concept to understand. 

    The reason CC interest rates are high due is to the fact it is unsecure loan of money that any one can walk away from and people do every day. If you are willing to pay high interest rate on a card to helping those who choose to walk way from their debts.

    Stop expecting the government to fix your problem, learn how to manage money.

    This is why interest rates are high

    Without government intervention you would be working 80 hour weeks enforced at gunpoint. There’s lots more examples of the usefulness of government intervention at your fingertips if you care.
  • Huawei tossed from SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, RAM spec group

    holyone said:
    genovelle said:
    mac_dog said:
    OUCH! That’s going to leave a mark. 
    The possible retaliation has the potential to  wreck havoc on our entire economy. 
    One knockoff manufacturer will do nothing, unless you mean retaliation which will hurt both parties.
    I don’t think you realize how large and influential Huawei is...

    Is every company that uses Android in some of their products going to be a “knockoff” manufacturer?

    From wiki:
    Huawei had over 188,000 employees as of September 2018, around 76,000 of them engaged in Research & Development (R&D).[5][6] It has 21 R&D institutes around the world.[7][8] As of 2017 the company invested US$13.8 billion in R&D.[9][10]
    In December 2018, Huawei reported that its annual revenue had risen to US$108.5 billion in 2018 (a 21% increase over 2017).[16]

    Huawei might be #1 (in importance) in the 5G rollout globally if it wasn’t for the trade war.  I’m as concerned about the IP theft as anyone, but Huawei is also a global innovator.  Everyone is better off if we can get a deal in place ASAP.

    My question is what exactly is stoping China announcing tomorrow that everything Apple Inc. is now banned and Tim has 3 months to fuck off ( in those exact words), it seems to me that this has potential to get real hilarious, what am I missing ?

     Though I get the crying over IP theft and the deficit I have to ask however, since no American company is forced to operate in China and all companies enter China knowing full well the cost and requirements why is no one asking Apple why the fuck  they give up their IP in China ? Isn't that a more prudent question ?

    There's a price to pay for market access everywhere India requires local manufacturing for example, we may talk about those costs being too high and/or unfair but Apple doesn't seam to think so, otherwise why are they in China or any other place ? If that country is so despicable then why go there ?, also why is Apple or any America based conglomerates' IP always referred to as American IP ? What does America have to do with Apple property, doesn't that belong to its share holders around the world ?

    Just asking coz I'm really curious i'm not American so this all seems just weird to me.
    What’s weird to me are all these little straw man fetish plays that come out in the comments. As in “Tim has three months to fuck off”?
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