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  • Taylor Swift turns to promoting Apple Music's curated playlists in new video ad

    Ok, I have to admit it, I burst out laughing with this spot. And I love the Apple Music playlists I've been playing.

  • Apple Music to go live on Sonos connected speakers tomorrow

    I signed up for Apple Music as soon as Sonos announced their beta and accepted me into the program. It's been working great---very happy with it. 

    The For You playlists have been really good. My wife can't believe she can play any song/album in iTunes: "What's the catch?" All-you-can-eat music, and we've been taking full advantage. (I signed us up for the family plan.)

    I'd read complaints about Apple Music and was wary of it. But I wanted to see how it works with Sonos and was willing to take a chance. Now I'm wondering what all the fuss was about. I haven't had any trouble with playlist glitches, music library problems, or usability. Maybe I missed all the drama from an early release? Or maybe I'm not trying to use it in ways that are problematic. I don't know. For us, it's been dead simple easy to use and just works.
  • Apple's iPad Pro outsold Microsoft's entire Surface lineup over the holidays

    I love the iPad Pro. I got it for storing and reading music with the ForScore app, bluetooth foot pedal and Apple Pencil. Works great! But I find that I also love it as a tablet for browsing the web or watching movies. The large screen is fantastic, and the form factor isn't too large to be comfortable, as I thought it might be.

    I'd like to see app designers take full advantage of the large screen size. Legacy apps designed for smaller iPads look dorky on the iPad Pro.

    I haven't replaced my Macbook with the iPad Pro, and I don't expect to do that. There are too many situations where the laptop is perfect and the tablet is a bit off, mostly because of the software and operating system usability gaps, not the hardware itself. It's getting closer, but not quite there yet.
  • Apple Music search stops working for many users

    Working fine for me.