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  • Apple investigating move of up to 30% of production out of China

    Just a thought...
    What is triggering all this for Trump is the knowledge that China is the world's #2 economy but catching up to the U.S. quickly and most economists predict it will soon become the #1 economy and the U.S. will be #2.   That's accepted fact.   It is not conjecture.

    But many blame the current state and current problems on "globalization" where U.S. companies took U.S. production and jobs and shipped them overseas in search of greater profits.

    While that is true, it is not the truth -- because that wasn't a cause, it was a response.

    In the 60's the U.S. was king of the world in almost every area.  But then, drip by drip, the Japanese started taking away our biggest, proudest industries:   Steel, Cars and electronics.   They didn't do it with chicanery.   They simply produced better products at lower costs.  Eventually U.S. industry was FORCED to move their means of production out of the U.S. -- it wasn't a search for profits.   it was as SEARCH FOR SURVIVAL.

    Basically, Darwinism prevailed -- survival of the fittest.  They either migrated to more fertile lands or they died.

    Nothing has changed since then.  Will Trump's tariffs work?  Of course not!  We tried the same thing back then.  Obviously it didn't work.

    Today Globalization is fact.  It cannot be undone.  Trump can't roll us back to the 60's.

    Instead of tariffs, threats and bluster, we should focus on becoming the best.   Then jobs will migrate here.
    Can't stay the best for long when another key player in the game is cheating by artificially keeping their currency deflated in order to be able to buy imports cheaper than they sell exports.  
  • An iPhone camera and a thin film could allow for home health tests & portable security scr...

    Sounds like a promising POC.  If it works then we could see Apple, or some other company, getting rid of all the extra cost parts that aren't needed like front facing camera and maybe some internals.  That would make the product even cheaper.  The most promising part of all of this is that tech readily available to the consumer is becoming refined enough that it can have medical applications.  That opens the doors to more research.  Not saying any of this will replace standard labs, but for an initial pass or testing in the field it could become great for triage.  Weed out the cases we don't need to send for more analysis or more expensive testing methods.  
  • New iOS 13 feature uses Siri smarts to thwart spam calls

    I don't like sending to voicemail anyone not in contacts.  I wish Apple could allow me a sandbox to set rules allowed to call me.  The three I would put in first:

    1)Send calls from "Unknown" to voicemail
    2)Block calls from "No Caller ID"
    3)Support wildcards in number blocking (eg: allow me to block all the spam calls spoofing my area code and next three digits)

    That #3 is the worst.  Every day I get at least 5 calls from (214)555-xxxx type spammers
  • 'Sign in with Apple' aims to replace Facebook authentication to keep user data private

    THANK YOU APPLE!  I have never used Facebook to log into anything, because I trust them (somehow) less than I trust Google.  I just imagine if I use Facebook to sign in then they will target friends and family with whatever the site wants to sell.  Instead I'll just use my anonymous email to sign up for sites so I stay somewhat anonymous except for what they can glean from me reading/writing/etc their site.
  • Editorial: Huawei and the phony hate for Apple's iPhone in China

    avon b7 said:
    airnerd said:
    China is smart and they’ll Play it smart.  They know they’re dealing with a madman playing to his base.  

    But, they are taking this attack on their country and the private industry seriously and they are not going to back down.  As they said today:   “Don’t say we didn’t warn you”. 

    Hopefully Trump realizes he has already taken this game too far. 
    China has nothing to warn the US with.  Rare earth metals is their latest ploy and it won't work.  They get their ore from here in the US.  The US has plenty of rare earth metals in storage and the only limit is that it is disgusting to refine but we can do it if needed.  China is thinking Trump is in trouble here and won't push for what China really needs to do, and that's do an actual crack down on IP theft as well as stop manipulating their currency in order to screw every country they do business with.  Both of those are required, and they tried to back out.  

    China has exactly ZERO leverage in this dispute, and they know it.  
    China does have leverage and part of it will be the boomerang effect.

    They planned to spend a trillion dollars on Boeing aircraft. They could switch that business into the EU.

    They planned to invest billions into natural gas in Alaska. That could see changes.

    Even on rare earths, it will be more expensive to process than for China (as well as damaging for the environment).

    All the while China is developing its domestic demand to provide it with more protection from external factors.

    The accumulative effect on US business (many are already suffering lost Huawei business) will also affect the US economy.


    And to top everything off they claim to be ready to slug things out over a long period of time. Trump said the battle would be easy to win and fast.

    How much time does he have before the markets (or voters) give him a wake up call?
    If there was any impact from the "planned spend" on Boeing then it isn't an impact.  Unless there are orders signed or contracts signed, which they couldn't get out of without penalty, then there is no real impact because actual money isn't taken back.  Also, it isn't like Airbus would have planes just sitting around so if there were plans and Boeing was holding orders for China airlines then they will lose that spot and get at the back of the line for Airbus.  What are they going to fill that gap with?  Hogwash is all that report is.

    China isn't going to stop investment anywhere.  It's their move if they want this resolved, just go along with what they initially agreed to before trying to play hardball at the last second.  

    The market is doing just fine.  There are daily blips but almost always recovered within a day or two.  Look at this morning, for instance.