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  • Users continue to experience sluggishness, battery life problems in iOS 11 after multiple ...

    ios11 has been causing issues for me, but i'm still on a 6.  I can't make it through a day anymore, where I could just fine a month ago.  I also have a lot of sluggishness just trying to type a text, the letters are about a second behind what I type.  

    I haven't done a restore from new through, and have heard that could solve the issue.  Don't have the time for that right now, so not really complaining too much since I haven't done what's been suggested.  
  • The WSJ calling the iPhone XR a failure that 'can't sell' is ludicrously mistaken

    Anecdotal evidence, I know, but the wife and I love our little "failure phones".  Do everything a casual user needs, as fast as we need, and it takes amazing photos still.  It's a bit larger than I would ideally like, but nothing I can't handle. 

    Sorry WSJ needs to sell papers, but the Xr has a place in the market and Apple is filling that need. 
  • 'Apple Genuine Parts Repair' program signals potential shift in stance on right to repair

    MplsP said:
    lkrupp said:
    I’ll just point out the obvious example of the state of automobile repair shops. Any swinging dick can hang out a shingle that says Auto Repair with no requirements, licensing, or training. A couple of times a year investigative journalists produce segments on shady repair shops that rip customers off with unnecessary repairs and shoddy workmanship. iFixit is blowing smoke when it alleges independent shops are as white as the new driven snow and it’s all Apple’s fault for not allowing repair manuals and genuine parts. Like the automobile repair business the electronics repair business is unregulated, unmonitored, unlicensed, and anyone can set up shop claiming they are experts in the repair of iPhones. You can kiss privacy and security goodby when you hand your iPhone over to one of these places. Like the perverts who place hidden cameras in tanning bed salons, hotel rooms and the like you simply won’t know what was done to your device.
    And I have a local, independent repair shop that gives better service, better communication and better prices than the dealer. So what’s your point? Because there’s a possibility that somebody might perform sub-par repair services? By your logic, dealers are the only people that should be able to work on a car just because there are some shady repair shops around. Of course, I had some recall work done by the VW dealer a few years ago and they forgot to tighten the bolts to the fuel line, leaving me stranded on the highway on the way home when the fuel line broke loose. 

    Apple zealots like you like to portray choice in the marketplace as something bad - have you thought to think that maybe, just maybe, having more options might be a good thing?
    Not to mention I can go to any dealership and purchase ANY OEM part directly from them.  They don't care who installs it.  If I buy a waterpump from Ford and I tear something up installing it wrong, does Ford have a hard time determining that?  Would they tell me to pound sand if I tried to make a warranty claim?  Of course.

    But to some here, selling OEM parts to consumers means Apple will be defrauded with all the claims after people break their stuff.  Every iphone i have had has cracked its screen.  I have fixed every one myself, even the vaunted 3G with it's crappy heat-to-remove black plastic piece.   Never had an issue with those repairs, other than the colors were off from the non-Apple screen.  Wish I could have paid more to get the real thing, but wasn't an option.  

    Not everyone is a criminal, and not everyone is too stupid to use a pentalobe and suction cup.  
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  • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon reveal plan for new phone-number based app authenticati...

    So I get a new wifi iPad and can't access some of my apps since i have no phone number tied to it?
  • NYT reporter uses megaphone to decry 'slow death' of 5-year-old iPad mini running iOS 9, a...

    Wonder if author complains that his 5 year old car doesn't have the latest bells and whistles, burns a little oil, doesn't get the MPG it used to, and smells different?
  • Apple's iOS 11.4 update with 'USB Restricted Mode' may defeat tools like GrayKey

    Can they go a step further and have a toggle that prevents any data connection via USB?   I'm not a power user, but I can't remember the last time I connected my phone to anything to transfer data.  Everything is cloud based (backup, sync, etc), AirDrop,  or just email/imessaged as far as I know.  

    Then again I have nothing of interest to law enforcement.  
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  • Citigroup bailed on Apple Card because of worries about profits

    lkrupp said:
    1st said:
    "Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced new legislation Thursday to cap credit card interest rates at 15%, a move that they said will help protect consumers from the "greed" of the credit card and banking industries."
    They should cap interest rates of those dollar mart or similar outfit ads for "20 dollar for 1000l payday loan instead. Barking on the wrong tree IMHO. 
    Christ those two are just insufferable. WAHHH FAIRNESSS WAHHH.

    The problem with their whole act is there are tons of pathetic people who actually think like this.

    How about: Personal Responsibility. GASP! Don't fucking use a credit card and not pay it off assholes!
    A recent article states that 25% of Americans are using credit cards for basic necessities. On other words going into debt just to stay alive. In my book that’s called living beyond your means.
    Sounds like "fun with words" to me.  I use my CC for "basic necessities" because I use my CC for literally everything but my mortgage payment.  Then I pay it off in full at the end of the month.  

    In no way is that living beyond my means or anything else.  It's me getting cashback or miles or whatever card I am on at the time in return for not needing cash on hand.  And it's more secure than a debit card if someone skims it.  So just looking at a stat about what percent of people are using cards for basic necessities doesn't tell the entire story.
  • 'Sign in with Apple' aims to replace Facebook authentication to keep user data private

    THANK YOU APPLE!  I have never used Facebook to log into anything, because I trust them (somehow) less than I trust Google.  I just imagine if I use Facebook to sign in then they will target friends and family with whatever the site wants to sell.  Instead I'll just use my anonymous email to sign up for sites so I stay somewhat anonymous except for what they can glean from me reading/writing/etc their site.
  • Apple's 'Think Different' court clash ends in Swatch's favor

    When you are the best, you put a target on your back and the vultures flock to you.  That's what we see here.  Swatch has become a parasite, latching on to the success of others.  

    I haven't paid any attention to this game Swatch is playing, but they appear to be pretty good at these childish antics.  Still grasping for that 15 minutes of fame I guess.  
  • Editorial: If you can't see a market for the new iPod touch, you aren't looking very hard

    Trying to be everything to more people by diversifying.  For every person saying "no one wants a cheap warmed over ipod" there is someone saying "I just want something that runs current iOS and isn't a thousand bucks".  

    If you want to kill your company then do one thing that is easily imitated (no matter how poorly) and hope for the best.  Besides, cheap devices for kids get kids used to the Apple ecosystem.  Hook em young, like big tobacco did.  :wink: 
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