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  • Apple's iPhone, Samsung phones nearly equal in J.D. Power satisfaction survey

    I'm not surprised at this poll at all.  Everything has a certain pricepoint and experience.  I honestly would expect a person who paid $200 for a Galaxy S7 to be as satisfied with their purchase as a person who paid $600 for their iPhone7.   After all.. some people buy KIA and some people buy BMW.  

    What I would not expect.. is someone who paid $600 for their Galaxy S7 to be as satisfied.. as someone who paid $600 for their iPhone7.  If I'm going to pay $50,000 for a brand new luxury car.. then I dont care how features and gimmicks the KIA has.. it is simply not in the same league.  And it definitely does not have the same status, customer service, resale value and overall user experience.
  • In-box band options for new Apple Watch buyers now limited to Sport, Milanese Loop

    melgross said:
    Some of you guys are clearly missing the point of the problem here. I bought online, almost the minute the series 2 went on sale. What's the difference between buying the Watch and band as a unit, and being required to go through the Watch choices, and the going through the band choices before making the purchase? The difference I see would be the horrible inconvenience of forcing me to go through more hoops, taking more time. And with this bracelet, being told that it's "out of stock".

    you can always buy more bands later. In fact, it's not smart to buy several bands as you buy the Watch, because you have to get used to the first band before you can have some idea as to what you do, and don't, like about it.

    as I was saying, Apple needs to have all the bands in stock in the stores, and online. But they don't. The last time, a few months ago, when I went to my Apple Store to buy a new band, and some other things, they had only about half the places in the display filled. I asked why, and was told that they didn't really know, but that maybe the ones that were pulled didn't sell as well. They only had maybe five of all the bands in stock. Not the one I wanted. This isn't a tiny Apple Store either.

    i'm seeing this problem with Apple across the line. Why did they pull the SD card slot from the new Macbook Pro? Because most of their customers didn't use it. What percentage did, according to Apple? 20%. It seems to me that if 20% of your customers are using a feature, you don't pull it, that's a fair percentage.

    its what we're seeing with Watch bands. If it's not in the top few, it's pulled. If it's expensive, so it's not a major seller, it's out of stock. They can't do that with these products.
    Terrible example.  I find it hard to believe 20% of all Mac users user the SD card slot.  Everyone Mac user that I know, only used the SD card slot for one purpose:  transferring pictures from the DSLR to their Macbook.  As the cameras on phones have significantly improved.. the need for a DSLR has greatly diminished.  Sure no camera phone matches a DSLR in pure quality.. but the difference between the two is so close now that many amatuer DSLR users dont bother toting the huge camera around anymore.  I know I dont.  The last time I carried my Nikon D3100 around was six months ago on vacation in Europe.. and even then.. I never bothered to use it.  The camera iPhone7 Plus running the beta of 10.1 and using Portrait mode.. was so impressive why carry around the extra weight.

    And lets be real.  With the SD card slot only having one real purpose these days.. and a ton of USB-C adapters, hubs and cables on the market.. its not like anyone with 2016 Macbook is suddenly all out of luck for using an SD card anymore.  Hell a cheap $9 adapter will give them SD card slot that they will use exactly once every 28 months.  https://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Adapter-Micro-USB-Function-USB-C-Silver/dp/B01N0R3ECG

    Stop trying to make SD card slot an issue.  Its 2017.. move on.  
  • Henge Docks unveils trio of Thunderbolt 3 docking stations for Apple's 2016 MacBook Pros

    So the large dock is $500, only a few hundred dollars less than refurbished macbook air ports, complete with computer, monitor, keyboard, trackpad... "http://www.apple.com/shop/browse/home/specialdeals/mac/macbook_air/13" And indeed these docks are marketed with the beautiful monitors Apple also eliminated. I bought a mbp - regrettably to date it has been more of a paperweight spending more time trying to figure out what it might work with than actually working. In theory, should it or could it actually be the reverse? "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_interface#Thunderbolt_3"
    I'll trade you straight up for my 2015 MBP retina,for your 2016 MBP.

    Let me know if you are serious.. I can ship today.
  • Elgato reveals Thunderbolt 3 dock with dual 4K monitor support, legacy connections

    thedba said:
    If this is as good as their Thunderbolt 2 dock sitting at my desk right now, it's a definite buy for new MBP owners who need all that legacy connectivity.
    The advantage this one has over the previous generation offering is that with one cable, all data and/or video signals are carried as well as power. 
    Which is why Apple went 110% in on TB3.

    Why hook all the devices up to a laptop (which biggest priority is to be portable).  When you can hook all of these devices into a dock with alot of different ports or a cheap hub with only the most important ports.. and connect all of your stuff to your laptop with a single cable that will also charge the laptop.

    ..but..but..but.. my SD card reader is gone lol
  • Lenovo's $280 ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock adds full-size USB, HDMI, more to new MacBook Pr...

    thedba said:
    Daekwan said:
    And this is the type of thing one needs to lug with them if they need to connect to a projector, use a USB drive from a customer, or be flexible in the real world. 

    And yes, an SD slot in the laptop is essential to many pros because they can plug it with a 250GB drive and use it as a library.
    Here's an idea.  If you are the type of person that needs to lug around a laptop to apparently plug into a bunch of projectors around the world every day of your life.. then do NOT buy the 2016 MacBook.  The other 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999% of us have no need for such.  

    On a much less sarcastic note.  If only someone made a $70 USB-C mini hub that is the size of a credit card, fits in your pocket and had HDMI, USB 3.0 and SD card reader.. then you would have nothing else to wine about.  Too bad that device does not exist:  https://www.amazon.com/HooToo-Shuttle-Delivery-Charging-Output/dp/B019R9ILTG

    I mean if such a device existed.. you'd be out of excuses.  

    Yeah, if such a device ever existed, say on amazon or something, then the argument would be, how do I connect via ethernet or why didn't Apple include it in the box for free? 
    Funny you mention that as Im using a Thunderbolt2-to-Ethernet dongle as im typing this right now on my 2015 MBP Retina.. (you know the holy grail of MacBooks because this one actually comes with USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and SD card reader). Because Im running my '15 rMBP in 'desktop mode'.. I bullshit you not it needs four (yes 4) different freaking cables plugged into the side of it to truly accomplish 'desktop mode':

    1) One cable is for MagSafe power
    2) The second is a Thunderbolt2-to-HDMI 2.0 adapter so I can connect the MBPr to my 40" Samsung 4KTV (runs the desktop at [email protected]!!)
    3) The third is a Thunderbolt2-to-Ethernet adapter because my wifi sucks in the basement and Im too cheap to put another WAP down there 
    4) The fourth is a USB-to-lightning cable that I use for the sole purpose of charging my iPhone, Apple Keyboard2 & Trackpad2 when using 'desktop mode'.

    Four freaking cables that I pretty much plugin every time Im down here.  I use the 4 cables so much, I have them zip-tied together to make them easier to find when connecting.  Of course the new 2016 MacBook with USB-C could accomplish the same setup with a single cable plugged into a hub that sits permanently on the desk.. and I could connect a ton more stuff to that hub.   But the last "real MacBook" as people on the internet like to call it, I dont need to use any dongles because it already has every port I need built in lol.

    Anybody wanna trade their 2016 MBP w/TouchBar and TouchID for my holy grail 2016 MBP that needs no adapters or dongles??