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  • California siblings plead guilty to stealing 800 MacBooks worth $2.3 million

    SSD1400 said:
    AI states, "In one decade, the two had managed to steal over $2.3 million in retail value, which cost the university more than $4 million in total."  If the retail value is $2.3 million, then how/why did this cost the university $1.7 million more than the laptops were worth?  I thought only the military was stupid enough to pay $10,000 for a toilet seat cover.
    University computer for staff, probably comes with a service contract and software.
  • Apple spent $7.4M on lobbying efforts in 2019, well below outlays from Amazon and Facebook...

    Apple used to be like Netflix, spending less than $1M a year, but after they got punched in the mouth by Amazon's ebook lawsuit, where Amazon took those DOJ lawyers to a retreat up in the PNW, Apple has been upping their lobbying spend. If you don't engage Washington, someone will be engaging Washington against you.
  • Gym encounter sees Tim Cook become early investor in Nebia smart shower

    Having bought a ton of shower heads over the years, the Nebia 2, I got thru Kickstarter was worth it. I also ordered the latest Moen model.
  • Macintosh launched on Jan 24, 1984 and changed the world -- eventually

    Amazing how much mindshare Apple had back in the day. I remember going to my sister's graduation at Stanford in 83. After, I drove to LA, but on my way, I stopped in front of Apple HQ in Cupertino to take pictures. That was all before the Mac.

    Didn't get my first Mac, until the SE in summer of 87. Lugged it all over the world, stuffed under airplane seats and in the overhead bin. That universal power supply was surprisingly robust, as the power was quite variable, making the startup chime sound funny. I still have that Mac in the basement.
  • Editorial: Apple Pay passes PayPal, tramples Google Pay & Samsung Pay

    Haven't carried cash in years. I actually look at the front of the store before I get out of my car, just in case there's a child raising money for some activity, then I bring my skinny wallet with a few bills in it. My iPhone has a Vena case that can hold 3 cards on the back, my ID, my health insurance, and one credit card, but I almost always use ApplePay. After a while, you just know which places take it, and subconsciously avoid those places that don't.